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Dependent entity of type Customer (ID = xxx) is not synced. The provided edit sequence "xxx" is out-of-date." error. QBLast updated on 02/11/2022

Troubleshooting articles on how to get a batch exported which has a “Dependent entity of type Customer (ID = xxx) is not synced” error.


Customers receive multiple payments daily and sometimes the payments are not under the same account as the original invoice. The payment will get processed without an issue however it will not export to QB resulting in an export error stating: ““Dependent entity of type Customer (ID = xxx) is not synced.”


Check for issues with the Customer name

There are a few things to be checked. If the customer name was changed in QB, Customer name is too long or if there are any hidden symbols. The above mentioned changes can result in a payment not to export and error out with a message stating “Dependent entity of type Customer (ID = xxx) is not synced. The provided edit sequence "xxx" is out-of-date." error”.

  1. Open ServiceTitan and go to the accounting page to find the errored batch

  2. Find the errored invoice from “Export Error report” from the right column

  3. Once there click on the open “error report”. You will be guided to the error report details page

  4. Find the customer in Quickbooks using the ID and compare  the customer name to ServiceTitan name. If there is a mismatch in name make sure to correct the name to be identical to ServiceTitan, or vice versa

  5. Confirm if the customer has id:xxx next to the name in QB, If the Id isn't there, add it, then unpost/hard refresh/export 

  6. The customer name should not contain characters more than 30. 

  7. Check if the customer name contains any hidden symbols by clicking HERE

  8. Once we confirm that everything matches in ServiceTitan and in Quickbooks, and you are sure no hidden characters > unpost/hard refresh/export.


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