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QBO Error Couldn’t export business unit “Business Unit Name”, the error: Account “Payment type” is not foundLast updated on 11/16/2022

This article explains the steps to resolve the QBO Error “Couldn’t export business unit “Business Unit Name”, the error: Account “Payment type” is not found.”


This error can occur when you do not have a general ledger account assigned to your payment types in ServiceTitan or it is set to an account that does not exist in QuickBooks.


Check General Ledger Account Assigned to Payment Type

You will need to enter a general ledger account for the payment type in ServiceTitan:

  1. Go to the navigation and click the Settings icon. In the side panel, click Invoicing > Payment and Invoice Types

  2. Click Edit to change the QuickBooks account for the payment type.

  3. Click Journal Entry and check/change the account assigned to the payment type.

  4. Click Save

  5. On the Accounting Page, pull up the Batch with the error > Right Click + Reload anywhere on the screen to hard refresh the page > export the Batch.

  6. If the payment is negative then a refund payment type should be used or created if one does not exist these should be set to export as a journal entry out to QB.

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