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ServiceTitan error: “create operation is not allowed due to lock level”Last updated on 11/15/2022

This article explains the steps to resolve the ServiceTitan error: “create operation is not allowed due to lock level”.


When exporting a batch you receive the error “create operation is not allowed due to lock level”. The lock level error means that the connection for the item appearing in the export error report between ServiceTitan and Quickbooks has been interrupted/severed causing information unable to be sent over.


Add the Local Key

To fix the issue in QB:

  1. Locate the Local Key in the error.

  2. Go to Quickbooks and navigate to Customer > Customer Center > find the customer connected to the error > double click on the Customer’s Name > add the local key from the export error into the Customer Name field with one space between the customer name and local key.

  3. Unpost the Batch > Repost the batch  > Export.

If that does not work, attempt the following steps:

In ServiceTitan:

  1. Add an * to the ServiceTitan customer.

  2. Export the invoice again

In QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Confirm that a new customer has been created in QBD with the asterisk attached. 

  2. Merge the old customer into the newly created customer if the old customer existed in QuickBooks.  Note: You merge in QuickBooks by copying the Customer Name of the New Customer in QB and pasting it into the name field of the Old Customer in QuickBooks. This link provides the step by step to merge customers in the linked article it's labeled for Quickbooks Online but the steps work the same for other Quickbooks versions as well.

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