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Cannot merge list elements errorLast updated on 11/15/2022

This article explains how to resolve the error “cannot merge list elements”.


This error occurs when the name of the entity that you are trying to export is already in use within the same list in QuickBooks.


Match the ServiceTitan item with the Quickbooks item

This error is indicating that an item in your export is different in ServiceTitan than it is in QuickBooks. Usually typically seen if the material was recently updated to be an inventory item in ServiceTitan but has not been updated in Quickbooks to be as well. The best way to resolve this issue is by confirming that the items match exactly in QuickBooks and in ServiceTitan.

  1. Go to the Export Error Report.

  2. In the error message, locate the Entity Type column. This tells you the type of item and the Name tells you the name of the specific item in the error.

  3. Click on the Name of the item to open the transaction where the item lives.

  4. Once you have the item pulled up in ServiceTitan, open the item in QuickBooks that matches the code field in ServiceTitan to confirm that the types match and make the necessary updates to the type if they do not.

  5. In ServiceTitan unpost the Batch and then repost before attempting to export the batch to apply any changes made.

  6. If the batch continues to populate the same error please contact our support department for further assistance.

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