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The provided edit sequence is out-of-date. Entity Type InvoiceLast updated on 11/07/2022

This article explains the steps to resolve the error “the provided edit sequence is out-of-date. Entity Type invoice.”


The term “Sequence” in this error means that ServiceTitan has attempted to perform an action and anticipated a different sequence than the one that we received. Therefore, something exists in QuickBooks that was modified in between our export attempts.


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When ServiceTitan exports an entity such as a customer, vendor, invoice, payment, etc, QuickBooks Desktop will assign a unique ID to that entity and return that ID back to Service Titan. ServiceTitan stores that ID as the “remote key.” This is the file path to where the entity (customer, vendor, invoice, payment, etc) is stored in QBD. If the Remote Key has been used, you will receive this error. The Entity Type in the Export Error Report tells us which item in the Batch is causing the error. If the Entity Type is an Invoice or Invoices:

  • Please contact ServiceTitan Customer Support. We will be able to clear the Remote Key so that, when you re-export the Invoice, it will have a new Remote Key and will export without error. 

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