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Estimate sold as ‘Perform Work Later’ instead of ‘Perform Work Now’Last updated on 11/24/2022

This article explains the workaround for adding sold estimate items onto the same job that created the estimate if the estimate was accidentally marked as ‘Perform Work Later’.


When selling the estimate, the option to ‘Perform Work Later’ was selected instead of ‘Perform Work Now’. This means the estimate appears in the Follow Up > Sold Estimates tab on the office side to be booked into a new job, but that is incorrect and will result in a duplicate job, since the work has already been done (or is expected to be done on this existing job). Use this article to undo this action and ensure accurate sales and revenue reporting.


Add the sold items to the invoice

  1. From the sold estimate, click the invoice.

    Note: If the invoice is posted, unpost the batch to add items to the invoice. If the invoice is exported, create an adjustment invoice.

  2. Use the Add a… menu option on the left to add the items that were on the sold estimate directly to the invoice.

Note: The Estimate total should match the Invoice total.

Book the sold estimate into a new job

This action ensures accurate Sales and Technician Performance reporting.

  1. From the sold estimate, book the items into a new job.

    Note: if the estimate includes different task types such as Services, Materials, Equipment, and/or Discounts and Fees be sure to select all ‘Check All’ options.

Delete the items from the new job

This action ensures accurate Revenue reporting.

  1. Go to the new job invoice and click the X on each item.

    Note: A pop-up will appear and ask you “Will this work be performed on another job?”.

  2. Click No

  3. Do that for each item on the invoice.

  4. Cancel the new job.

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