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Job reverting back to working status after being completed in mobileLast updated on 10/14/2022

This article will walk users through how to review whether a managed technician has full splits on the invoice so the job can be successfully completed on mobile without reverting back to working status.


Sometimes technicians will complete a job on mobile and attempt to dispatch to their next job but immediately get an error message that they are already dispatched to another job. After downloading their pricebook their previous job reappears in a working status. This is most often caused by the managed technician not having full splits on the invoice.


Confirm invoice splits are correct on the office side

If a technician reports being unable to complete a job and no clear error messages are appearing in the mobile app when they attempt to complete it, an office user should confirm the managed technician has full splits on the invoice by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the job in question.

  2. Open the invoice from the job page.

  3. Click on “adjust splits”.

  4. Confirm managed technician has full splits and adjust splits if needed.

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