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Reputation Management review was matched and assigned to the wrong job/customerLast updated on 09/15/2022

This article provides troubleshooting steps to help when a Reputation Management review is matched and assigned to the incorrect job.


The Reputation Management auto verification feature may cause reviews to match incorrect jobs.


Auto Verification

Reputation Management’s Auto Verification feature uses machine learning to consider several factors (such as customer name, the tech mentioned, date review was left, etc.) and then automatically verifies and matches each review based on what the system considers to be the most relevant job.

Auto Verification is known to not be 100% accurate, which is stated when enabling the feature. Enabling it comes with the risk that some reviews may not be auto-matched to their correct job, which is why it's encouraged to still double-check each auto-verified review and then manually re-match to the correct job if needed.

 Check if Auto Verification is enabled, and then disable it in Settings if desired.

  1. In ServiceTitan, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to access Settings.

  2. Next, go to Marketing Pro > Reputation Management.

  3. Check the Auto-Verify Reviews section. 

  4. If the Enable Auto-Verify toggle is enabled, this means Auto Verification is automatically matching each review to the job that the system considers to be the most relevant. This will lead to some reviews not being matched to the correct job due to Auto Verification not being 100% accurate.

    1. To turn off Auto Verification (so that all reviews will need to be manually matched going forward), click on the Enable Auto-Verify toggle so it’s grayed out. 

  5. If Auto Verification is already off or if an auto-verified review needs to be reassigned to a different job, move on to the Reassign Review to Correct Job section.

Reassign Review to Correct Job

To fix a review that was matched to the incorrect job or tech, edit the review’s job details to find and assign the correct job.

  1. In ServiceTitan, click on the speaker icon in the top navigation bar to access the Marketing Pro module.

  2. Click on Reviews under the Reputation section.

  3. Find and click into the review that was matched to the incorrect job.

  4. In the review flyout, click Edit under Job Details.

  5. Enter the correct job’s Start Date first. Next, enter the Job Status, Technician, and Job Number for the correct job that the review was generated from. Note: The correct job should have a tech assigned in order to be eligible to match the review. If the job that generated the review does not have a tech assigned, it cannot be matched to a review.

  6. Click Save to save changes to the review.

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