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Saving Pricebook Item with No GL Account SettingLast updated on 12/14/2021

This article explains how to save a pricebook item for non exporting customers who do not have the “GL Account” settings box when viewing an item in the pricebook.


Customers who do not export will not have one of the export configurations turned on which then hides the “GL Account” settings field when viewing a pricebook item in ServiceTitan. Since this GL Account field is required for a pricebook item, the customer will get an error not allowing them to save the item.


Use Pricebook Export/Import to Assign GL Account

Use the pricebook excel export to add GL Account to a pricebook item when the field is hidden in ServiceTitan due to account configuration.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Pricbook. In the side panel, click Import/Export 

  2. From this screen click the Export sub tab

  3. Make sure the export type is set to “Pricebook (Settings, Materials and Park Link)” and click the Export button

  4. Once the export is complete, click the Download button

  5. In the exported excel file, add or adjust the service, material and/or equipment information in the corresponding tab and columns.

  6. The GL Account column WILL NOT be hidden in the excel export. Go the items you are adding or adjusting and find the column titled Account. Manually enter in the account information in that column for the items.

  7. Once all updates have been made, got back to the Import/Export screen and select the Import sub tab.

  8. Make sure the data file type is set to “Pricebook (Settings, Materials and Park Link)” and “Deactivate Existing Pricebook” is unchecked.

  9. Click Upload, select the saved pricebook excel file and finish the upload

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