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The Materials column of a report is blankLast updated on 09/20/2022

This article helps you understand why the Materials column of a report, built with the Invoice Items or Invoice Items by Technician report template, is blank, but the invoice has materials in it.


The problem is that the Materials report column in the Invoice Items and Invoice Items by Technician report templates populates all materials added to the invoice by service-material or equipment-material links. Materials added manually to the invoice without a service or equipment link are not expected to appear in this column. These can be found using report filters instead.


To solve the issue, select one of these options:

Locate the invoice and confirm there are materials

First, click the invoice from the report to confirm it has materials.

  1. From the report, click the invoice number of the item whose Materials column is blank.

  2. In the invoice, confirm there are active materials in the Materials or Chargeable Materials section of the invoice.

Note: If the invoice has no active materials, then the Materials section won’t appear. If the invoice has no active materials, it is expected for materials not to appear in reporting.

Check if the materials are added by service-material or equipment-material links

Once you confirm there are materials in the invoice, you need to confirm those materials are added to the invoice by service-material or equipment-material links. For more information, see Attach materials to services or equipment.

To do that:

  1. Go to Pricebook > Services.

  2. Edit columns and select Linked Materials.

  3. Locate the first service in the invoice in Pricebook.

  4. If the service has at least one linked material in Pricebook, click the service details.

  5. Click the Materials tab of the Pricebook service and check if any of the linked materials match the materials in the invoice.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all services and equipment in the invoice.

If none of the services or equipment in the invoice have a linked material in Pricebook that matches the materials in the invoice, then the material isn’t added by a material link, and it isn’t expected for the materials in the invoice to appear in the Materials column of the report.

Note: It is possible for the Pricebook settings to have changed since the material is added to the invoice. If you think the material is linked at the time the service or equipment is added to the invoice and should be reflected in reports, please contact the Support team.

Report on materials that are manually added to an invoice

Once you understand that materials are manually added to the invoice, they aren’t populated in the Materials report column. You can follow these instructions to report on these materials that were added without a service or equipment link. Note: Only accounts with creating and editing reports feature can perform this action.

  1. In the report, click Edit Columns.

  2. Select the Item Type report column from the section and click Apply.

  3. Group the report by Invoice Number. For more information, see Filter and arrange a report.

  4. Run the report.

Materials added to the invoice by links will appear in the Materials column. Any items with the Material Item type that don’t appear in the Materials column are manually added to the invoice.

In the example below, you can see that the invoice has (4) active materials since there are four invoice items with the Item Type Material. From those four materials, three appear in the Materials column next to the service item: Drywall, Nails, and Tape. This means the final material Capacitor is added to the invoice manually.

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