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Timesheets not appearing in Payroll Approval for current pay period Last updated on 02/11/2022

This article will break down the solution to a Technician’s Timesheets not appearing in the current pay period.


A technician’s timesheets in the current pay period are not appearing in the Payroll Approval screen or the Master Pay File report.


Go to Payroll Approval

In this example, technician Bob has no Timesheet Pay for the current pay period of 1/28/2022-2/03/2022. To resolve this issue:

  1. In the right corner of the navigation bar, click your Profile icon and click Payroll Approval.

  2. Use the dropdown to select the current pay period.

  3. From the Payroll Dashboard, confirm that the employee’s timesheet pay field has an incorrect Pay amount. In this case it is $0.

    Note: The employee in question may appear on the Manager Approved tab.

Confirm the Technician has timesheets in this pay period

  1. Find an example of the employee having a timesheet in the current pay period. In this example we went to Job #2286294 and clicked “View Timesheets”.

  2. We can see that Bob has a complete timesheet within the pay period. 

Click “Update Now” in Payroll Approval

  1. Return to Payroll Approval and click “View Actions” for the employee.  We can see that the employee’s payroll was approved by a Manager at 4:42 PM on 1/28. This action will lock the pay period and any timesheets after 4:42 PM on 1/28 will not appear in Payroll Approval or most payroll reporting.

  2. Click “Update Now”. 

    Note: if the employee is in the Manager Approved tab, “Undo Approval” will need to be clicked before “Update Now” can be clicked.

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