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Second Chance Leads

Second Chance Leads helps you call back certain types of unconverted leads and turn them into booked jobs.

What are Second Chance Leads?

Second Chance Leads automatically reviews a significant portion of your unbooked calls (abandoned, classified as ‘not a lead’, and excused), and flags only the ones we believe have a high likelihood of being saved with a quick follow-up call back to your customer. After a CSR ends a phone call, Second Chance Leads uses Titan Intelligence to review the call recording and creates a Second Chance Lead for you to review and take action on.

Currently, ServiceTitan is aiming for a high accuracy rate for Second Chance Leads we are identifying. Our goal is to ensure that all the Second Chance Leads we send you are actual leads and also have a strong possibility of being saved. This means we don’t create a Second Chance Lead for every missed opportunity. Depending on your typical call volume, you may only get 1-2 Second Chance Leads identified in a day, whereas some companies may get over a dozen.

How to use it for your business

Before you start

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