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Fleet Pro

ServiceTitan Fleet Pro is a fully-integrated, trade-specific fleet management platform created in cooperation with our telematics partner Azuga. Fleet Pro helps you manage an efficient fleet by surfacing data from vehicle telematics (GPS) and AI-assisted smart cameras throughout the ServiceTitan software. With Fleet Pro, you can manage your fleet across the entire fleet management lifecycle to save money, improve technician (driver) safety and maximize investment, all from the ServiceTitan Platform.

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Things to know

Exploring Fleet Pro

Fleet Pro is comprised of several sections, each serving a specific function to help you use the module effectively.

Fleet Pro sections and functions

Fleet Data

The Fleet Data section is where data from your installed device is collected and integrated into ServiceTitan. This section includes the following sub-sections:

Vehicle Data overviewDriver Data overviewCamera Data overview

Fleet Pro Alerts

Alerts enable you to establish rules for how you wish someone to operate your vehicles, and then receive notifications when those rules are not followed. The Alerts section in Fleet Pro lets you perform the following tasks:

Create Fleet Pro alertsView and customize the Alerts table in Fleet ProEdit, delete, and activate/deactivate alerts in Fleet ProEvent Report in Fleet Pro

Fleet Pro Settings

The Settings section of Fleet Pro lets you create groups and configure geofencing for your fleet.

Fleet Pro GroupsGeofences overviewCreate a geofenceEdit or delete geofences

Manage Fleet Pro users

Fleet Pro utilizes both the employee and technician profiles in ServiceTitan to help you create and manage Fleet Pro users.

Fleet Pro users overviewCreate and manage Fleet Pro employee profilesCreate and manage Fleet Pro driver or technician profiles

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