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Commercial service and replacement in ServiceTitan

Here you’ll find ServiceTitan features designed for commercial service and replacement (commercial S/R) jobs to help you manage your commercial business.

What is commercial service and replacement

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Commercial service and replacement workflows

Use these workflows to help you manage specific items in your commercial or multi-family service jobs and replacement projects and other work using ServiceTitan features.


An organized pricebook lets your technicians work efficiently so they can quickly build estimates and focus on the customer. Building a thorough pricebook also helps ensure a consistent sales experience as your business grows.

Add services to your pricebookAdd equipment to your pricebookAdd materials to your pricebookEdit pricebook itemsBulk edit pricebook items

Memberships and contracts

Memberships are service packages where, in exchange for a regularly billed or upfront fee, customers receive recurring services and discounts on services. Memberships provide a steady revenue source while building customer loyalty. They also allow you to monitor aging equipment for replacement opportunities.

Create membership typesCreate and edit recurring service typesSell memberships from the officeAttach equipment to memberships from the officeService equipment attached to a membershipManage recurring service eventsBook recurring service events on the Call ScreenSell memberships in ServiceTitan MobileSell membership add-ons in ServiceTitan Mobile

Optimizing job forms

Forms can help you streamline the data collection from your commercial technicians to your customers and office staff.

Create a form in ServiceTitanForm triggersComplete and send forms in ServiceTitan MobileSmart fields in PDF forms

Commercial billing

Manage and track your jobs and projects in real time from the project record. You can view the progress of project phases, compare itemized budgeted costs with actual expenditures, and more.

Send customer statementsSend balance forward statementsBulk charge customersGuide to Online PaymentsPayment CollectionsUsing payment termsCreate project labelsAssign default project labels to expense itemsUnderstand project recordsPayments - FAQ

Jobs and appointments

When booking with ServiceTitan, you always book a job, and every job automatically has one appointment scheduled.

Job record overviewManage and book jobs in a projectAdd notes, media, and attachments in ServiceTitanBook multi-day jobsUse custom fieldsAppointments


Use estimates to create proposals and present options to your commercial customers. Estimates can help your technician upsell and increase your revenue.

Create project estimatesProposal templatesUse Online Estimates

Task management

Task management helps you manage customer complaints, warranty claims, refunds, and other custom task types. You can track, filter, and assign tasks so you can resolve them efficiently, delivering top-notch customer service. You can also export task lists to spreadsheets where you can identify areas of improvement.

Set up task managementCommon use cases for task managementManage tasks and subtasks


Dispatching helps your office staff properly manage your technician schedules while optimizing routing and logistics.

Set up capacity planningUse the Schedule BoardBook the ideal number of jobs with capacity planningManage skills for technicians and job types


Manage your equipment and materials with our Inventory module. You can create, send, receive purchase orders and efficiently manage vendor billing.

Initiate requisition Send purchase orders to vendorsReceive purchase ordersEdit, copy, and cancel a purchase order from the officeManage billsManage receiptsSerialized InventorySet up and use Bin Tracking

Payroll and timesheets

Technicians timesheets automate hourly payroll tasks so you can focus on running your business. Technicians can clock in and out in ServiceTitan Mobile. Based on technician pay settings, you can use clock details to generate accurate timesheet reports. The signoff feature ensures that payroll is approved by both managers and technicians before it’s processed.

Manage overtime settingsTechnician Timesheets overviewEdit technician timesheetsOverview of Technician Clock I/OClock in and out in ServiceTitan MobileFlexible OvertimePrevailing Wage


Invoicing is an important component of your business which encapsulates nearly all functions of your business by allowing your employees to record and track work performed as well as clearly display to your customers the exceptional services you provided.

Print, email, or download customer invoicesUsing payment termsWork OrdersSet up time and materials billingTime and Materials Billing courseCreate a c/o or Care Of field on print invoices


With payments you can use payment terms to add due dates to sales invoices and collect payment to apply to invoices.

Using payment termsCollect a paymentApply available credit to an invoice

Dashboard and scorecards

Empower your office staff to review metrics and scorecards that can help increase revenue for your commercial business.

Set up your account for the Modular DashboardDashboard business metricsTechnician ScorecardsDashboard call metricsDashboard CSR metricsMarketing ScorecardsDashboard Heat Map