Service Titan Knowledge Base


Often residential and commercial jobs take multiple days to complete. As such, appointments have been the most requested feature from ServiceTitan’s customers.

Currently, scheduling multi-day jobs involves various work-arounds which include:

  • Blocking off time on technician's calendars with non-jobs in order to have an accurate dispatch board

  • Using the reschedule function at the end of each day to extend the length of a job

  • Having one long-running job, for example 72-hours, that doesn’t fully represent when technicians were at, or will be at, a job

  • Having to book a separate job for every single day of work that is being performed

This is one of the most significant changes, if not the most significant change, to ServiceTitan’s core functionality in recent history. This feature touches the majority of our platform so we took great consideration in its creation.

We believe that appointments improves the most common use-cases for our customers, including:

  • Single-visit service jobs

  • Multi-visit, multi-technician install jobs