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ServiceTitan Zapier integrationLast updated on 03/22/2023

Integrating ServiceTitan and Zapier enables you to connect your ServiceTitan data to third-party apps you use to operate your business. You can then automate mundane tasks, such as adding job events or information from ServiceTitan to your Google Calendar, maximizing daily efficiency for your teams. Zapier allows for no-code integration, which means you don’t need heavy programming to use it.

Things to know

  • Zapier functionality is not officially supported by ServiceTitan and is made available on an 'as is' basis and without warranty at users' own will and risk as contemplated by our Terms of Use. ServiceTitan will not be liable for any damages arising from your use of Zapier, for any resulting changes to (including deletions of) your data, or from the failure of any feature or functionality.

  • A Client ID and Secret Key is required to use this integration. To obtain this information, see Manage Client ID & Secret Key.

  • A trigger is an event that starts a Zap.

  • An action then moves the data to complete a Zap based on that trigger.

  • Zapier monitors ServiceTitan for a trigger to begin an action.

How does the ServiceTitan–Zapier integration work

By implementing a connection between ServiceTitan and Zapier you can bring data generated by third-party applications into ServiceTitan and pass ServiceTitan data directly to your preferred apps through a Zap, generated by the Zapier web-based service. For example, a Zap can automatically create a new job booking in ServiceTitan when you receive a lead in your inbox, giving instant visibility to your team without having to leave the ServiceTitan app.

The Zapier app leverages our ServiceTitan API services, currently made up of data, giving you the ability to push data into ServiceTitan to create a task, job note, attachment, or book a job.

ServiceTitan–Zapier connection with third-party applications

Here are some example integrations with third-party applications you can use once you’ve set up the integration:

  • Slack Alert: This specific Zap lets you see if there’s a remaining balance on an invoice by sending a zap that sends an alert to the Slack app. For how to use this Zap, see Zapier app integration <> Slack Alert.

  • Google Calendar: Add scheduled jobs from ServiceTitan to your Google Calendar though this Zap. Once activated, this integration lets you view scheduled jobs in ServiceTitan in your Google Calendar application. For how to set up this Zap, see Zapier app integration <> Google Calendar.

Create a Zap using ServiceTitan

Before creating your first Zap, you will need to create a Zapier account or sign into an existing account.

  1. Open

  2. Click Create Zap.

  3. Search for and select ServiceTitan (3.0.X)

  4. Choose Trigger or an Action, then click Continue.

  5. Connect  your ServiceTitan account.

  6. To create a new account:

    1. Enter your Tenant ID

    2. Enter your Client ID

    3. Enter your Client Secret

    4. Select the Production environment

  7. Click Yes, Continue to ServiceTitan.

Generate Client ID and Client Secret

If you are connecting your ServiceTitan account to Zapier for the first time you will need your Client ID and Client Secret. You generate your Client ID and Client Secret in your Go environment

  1. Open

  2. Click Settings icon-settings.png> Integrations > API Application Access.

  3. Click Connect New App.

  4. Select Zapier 3.0.X > Connect

  5. Review the scopes requested. Choose No restriction from the Booking Provider dropdown.

  6. Click Allow Access. 

  7. Your Tenant ID and Client ID appear. In the Client Secret section, click Generate.

  8. Your Client Secret appears. Copy the information for use when connecting on

500 errors

These type of errors may be caused by any of the following situations:

  • API call resulted in an error. This may occur when the system is sending data to ServiceTitan, such as booking or task management information, using a Zapier action.

  • ServiceTitan API is down. This may occur when any ServiceTitan API endpoint is not available.

Note: This information is for the ServiceTitan–Zapier integration only. For errors that occur in the Zapier application, visit

Troubleshoot API errors

Use this workflow to help you troubleshoot errors that occur when using the ServiceTitan–Zapier integration.

Note: A valid ServiceTitan Client ID & Secret Key is required. Follow the steps in the sequence in which they appear.

Step 1: Interrogate and identify the cause
  1. In Zapier, click Zaps.

  2. Find the Zap causing the error and click the chevron.

  3. Click Task History.

Step 2: Identify the step in the integration that has an error

Once you’re in Task History, look into the details. In this example, the Booking creation step is where the error occurred.

You can view this in the details of the API call as you’re looking at the step logs.

Step 3: Fix the error

Using the same example in Step 2, based on the logs found, you can see that the type of error was identified as UniqueConstra. This tells you that the Source ID of the call was not unique. In this Booking-related error, every booking must include a unique identifier as noted in the description field.

Once you correct this, you can turn on the Zap to replay which means the system will retry it with your newly added correction.


What is new in ServiceTitan Zapier 3.0.X?

ServiceTitan integration on Zapier 3.0 has the below new functionality exposed that you can leverage to build additional workflows:

  • Form Submissions

  • Leads

  • Lead Attribution (Lead Form, Booking, Call)

  • Custom Field Support

  • Enhancements to Job, Location, Customer, Projects

I am on ServiceTitan Zapier- BETA. Is it mandatory for me to move to ServiceTitan 3.0.X ?

Yes, it is mandatory to move. ServiceTitan Zapier-BETA will sunset by April 20, 2023. If you do not migrate by then, you will have interruption to the Workflows you previously built.

I am on ServiceTitan Zapier 2.0.X. Is it mandatory for me to move to ServiceTitan Zapier 3.0.X ?

Though it is not mandatory and the support for 2.0.X will continue, we highly recommend you to migrate to ServiceTitan Zapier 3.0.X to take advantage of the additional functionality.

When should I migrate to ServiceTitan 2.0.X on Zapier?

The current version of the ServiceTitan integration on Zapier will no longer be available after April 15, 2023. You should migrate to ServiceTitan 2.0.X by April 15, 2023 to avoid interruption of your integrations.

I do not see Zapier 2.0.X as an available app on ServiceTitan.

Click Settings icon-settings.png> Integrations > API Application Access

How can I get access to ServiceTitan 2.0.X?

Register here with your Tenant ID. We will add your Tenant ID to our access list so you can connect ServiceTitan 2.0.X in Zapier. This process will take up to 2 business days.

Will my existing API key work with ServiceTitan 2.0.X on Zapier?

No. The concept of API keys has changed in ServiceTitanZapier 2.0.X. You will need to generate a Client ID & Secret Key.

Is Zapier an officially supported ServiceTitan integration?

Zapier functionality is not officially supported by ServiceTitan and is made available on an 'as is' basis and without warranty at users' own will and risk. You agree and acknowledge that such functionality is provided as an Early Access Feature as contemplated by our Terms of Use. ServiceTitan will not be liable for any damages arising from your use of Zapier, for any resulting changes to (including deletions of) your data or from the failure of any feature or functionality. ServiceTitan reserves the right to alter, amend, or disable Zapier functionality at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without notice.

How do I get help to set up a Zap?

As part of our service agreement terms for the Zapier App Open Beta Program, which are  agreed to when you submit our ServiceTitan Zapier registration form on this page, ServiceTitan only supports our API and will work with you to resolve issues directly related to the API (this will display in Zapier as a 500 error message). For assistance setting up your Zap, contact Zapier support here. Through their website, you may also locate a Zapier Expert to recommend and set up workflows for your company.

Can any ServiceTitan customer use Zapier?

Only customers on The Works or legacy pre-packaging customers can use Zapier as it requires API access, which is included with these service agreements.

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