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Set up the Price Setup WizardLast updated on 03/23/2022

When it’s time to update prices in your pricebook, ServiceTitan can automate the process for you. Use the Price Setup Wizard to make global pricing changes in just a few clicks.

Things to know

  • Your account can be configured for individual or aggregate material mark-ups.

  • You can exclude specific pricebook items from the Price Setup Wizard. The Price Setup Wizard does not change pricing for excluded pricebook items.

  • If your account is configured for chargeable materials, you can use the Price Setup Wizard to set the customer-facing material price.

  • If it’s ever necessary, you can always use your pricebook history to upload a previous version of your pricebook.

How it works

You can run the Price Setup Wizard across the entire pricebook, or you can choose specific pricebook categories only. This gives you the flexibility to use different pricing criteria for different types of services, or for different business units.

Enter pricing rules

First, you enter primary pricing criteria: billable rate per hour, optional surcharge, and member discount. These criteria are used to calculate the standard and discount prices.

  • The billable rate per hour is multiplied by sold hours entered in your pricebook.

  • The surcharge is added as a flat amount on top of item prices.

  • The member discount is used to calculate the Member Price of each item.

Enter add-on pricing criteria

The add-on pricing criteria are used to calculate the Add On Price and Member Add On Price.

Material costs and markups

If there are materials attached to a service, the Price Setup Wizard automatically includes material costs to the service price. If you have set up material mark-up rates in your pricebook, material mark-ups are also applied.

Note: When you enter new mark-ups, these mark-ups are notinstantly applied. Run the Price Setup Wizard to apply new mark-ups.

Preview new pricing

The Price Setup Wizard calculates the item Price, Member Price, Add On Price, and Member Add On Price based on your pricing criteria.

Note: Material costs and mark-ups are included in service prices. You can preview new pricing before committing to any changes.

Finalize pricing

When you save the new pricing, the Price Setup Wizard updates the Price, Member Price, Add On Price, and Member Add On Price.

You can review your pricebook history and download any previous version of your pricebook at any time.

Set up your pricebook

Before you begin using the Price Setup Wizard, make sure the following setup has been done in your pricebook:

Exclude items from the Price Setup Wizard

You can exclude items from the Price Setup Wizard. When you exclude a pricebook item, the Price Setup Wizard does not change pricing for that item even if you select that item’s category.

To exclude a pricebook item from the Price Setup Wizard:

  1. Go to Settings > Pricebook.

  2. Click the Services, Equipment, or Materials tab. Then, click the service, equipment, or material item you want to exclude.

  3. In the Details tab, select Exclude from Pricebook Wizard.

  4. When you're finished, click Save.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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