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Washington State sales taxLast updated on 08/31/2022

If your business is based in Washington State, it is very important for auditing purposes to set the local sales tax zone correctly. Washington State has a great number of sales tax zones and these tax rates get updated regularly. You can be set up to integrate directly with the Washington State Department of Revenue Tax API. This means you will import sales tax zones directly from the Washington State Department of Revenue Tax.

Benefits of importing Washington State sales tax zones

  • You can update all customer records located in Washington State with the most recent sales tax zone in just a few clicks.

  • When you book new customer jobs in Washington State, the correct sales tax zone will be automatically applied.

  • When you dispatch a job to a Washington State location, ServiceTitan will automatically check to make sure that the most recent sales tax rate is attached to the location.

A tax zone tag will be automatically applied to all jobs performed in Washington State

  • ServiceTitan automatically creates a job tag that tells you what sales tax rate was applied. This job tab will be generated for every job booked in Washington State.

  • This creates a historical record. As tax rates change, you can still navigate back to old jobs to see what tax rate was applied.

How to import sales tax zones from the Washington State Department of Revenue

Due to API restrictions, ServiceTitan has no way of automatically importing new sales tax zones. This means that when you get a notification that sales tax zones have changed, you must go into ServiceTitan and do a manual import.  Note: The actual sales tax rate for each zone will automatically update every quarter. The Expiration Date column shows how long the current listed rate is good for.

  1. Navigate to Settings settings.png > Invoicing > Tax Zones.

  2. Click Import, under Import Washington Tax Zones.

  3. A full list of Washington State Tax Zones will appear in your tax zone settings. Each tax zone is automatically set up for you.

  4. You may add additional tax zones outside of Washington State by clicking Add Tax Zone. Any tax zones located outside of Washington State will appear under General Tax Zones, located directly below your Washington State tax zones.

How to update sales tax zones for existing customers in Washington State

Once Washington State sales tax zones are set up in your account, you can automatically update the sales tax zone for all customer locations in Washington State that do not currently have a tax zone assigned.

To update sales tax zones for customer locations in Washington State, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Settings settings.png > Tax Zones.

  2. Click Set Tax Zones.

  3. In the pop-up which asks, Would you liketo set the tax zones for all locations that are not currently assigned to a zone? Click OK.

  4. If you have any customer location records based in Washington State that do not have a tax zone assigned, this will update the location record with the sales tax zone that matches the location zip code.

When you book a job for a new customer in Washington State

When you enter a new customer, ServiceTitan will automatically detect if you enter a Washington State zip code for the customer location. As soon as you book a job for the new customer, the correct Washington State tax zone will be applied to the location record.

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