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Warranty Workflows for Pricebook ProLast updated on 02/08/2023

Follow the steps below to manage warranty processes of various industries and successfully use your Pricebook Pro services, materials, and equipment.

Things to know

  • Warranty is a pricing option, rather than a completely separate service.

  • HVAC equipment has many parts, such as motors, burners, controls, and more. However, warranty services apply directly to HVAC, not plumbing.

  • Pricebook Pro does not need broader warranty service coverage and it doesn’t need to add a Warranty Services subcategory to house requisite warranty services.

  • Electrical parts may be under warranty through either the manufacturer or the distributor.

HVAC Warranty

In the HVAC industry, warranty is managed in two ways:

  1. Parts Only Warranty: The main part is covered under warranty. However, not any associated parts are needed for the installation (tape, screws, connectors, and more) or the labor to install it.

  2. Parts and Labor Warranty: The entire repair is covered under warranty and the customer doesn’t pay anything.

There aren't specific warranty services that can be added to Pricebook Pro. Instead, almost every service can be covered by the two warranty options above.

Note: You can create a Parts Only service for the Parts Only warranty and a Parts and Labor service for the Parts and Labor warranty in ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro.

If you want, you can make a whole new set of services by duplicating the service and pricing them for the Parts Only service and repeat the same action for the Parts and Labor service.

  • The Parts Only service: It still has sold hours and the cost of incidental materials. You should remove the main material that is covered under the warranty.

  • The Parts and Labor service: It has no price, no sold hours, and no materials attached. If the materials and sold hours are attached, they can only track usage and cost and you won’t run the Price Setup Wizard to generate a price. It is a record that the task is done and what items are used.

Note: If you use the options above, they can triple the number of services that Pricebook Pro has. This doesn’t correspond to the vision of Pricebook Pro. f you need to create services for a warranty workflow, this article can help you do that.

Plumbing Warranty

Extensive warranties are provided on HVAC equipment and companies that are authorized vendors of that equipment perform those services either with or without labor charges depending on the equipment and the terms of the warranty.

Plumbing products are not complex.  Labor is seldom covered under warranty on a plumbing product.

The only exception is a tankless heater. The labor warranty is usually not covered, only parts are covered. There may be some warranty funds available from the manufacturer but that depends on the vendor.

Electrical Warranty

There is no paperwork involved to track the warranty with the manufacturer or distributor. This process allows you to gain visibility into parts that are used under warranty.

  • Create a task using Task Management or create the task directly on the job. For more information on how to create tasks, see Manage tasks and subtasks

  • When you create the task, name the task Warranty Call with Parts.

  • When you create a new task, make sure to select the Due date, set the Source to Email, and select the person responsible for materials in the Assigned to field.

  • Make sure to give access to the new task to your employees. For more information, see Set up task management.

  • The technician can now add any parts from the Materials section of Pricebook Pro used on this job and needed for replenishment on their vehicle. They can take a screenshot of the invoice and attach it or leave a note as to which parts should have a warranty.

  • The email notifies the person responsible for materials in the warehouse or office that there is a part used that they need to receive from the specific technician to return it for a credit to the vendor.

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