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View and edit job details from the Dispatch BoardLast updated on 03/08/2023

You can find and edit job details directly from the Dispatch Board without needing to open the job record. Click any job from the Dispatch Board to open the Job Details flyout. This helps you quickly and efficiently access and edit job information.

Open the Job Details flyout

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch Dispatching.png

  2. From the Dispatch Board, click the job you want to view. The Job Details flyout opens.

    Note: If you want to open the Job Record, click Go to Job Page at the top of the flyout.

Edit a job

  1. From the Job Details flyout, click Edit edit pencil icon on the top corner to update the Job Type, Priority, Bill To, and Service Location.

  2. In the Job Overview section, click Edit edit pencil icon next to Job Tags, Skills, and Job Summary to update each field.

  3. In the Additional Information, click the invoice number to open the invoice linked to the job.

  4. If you want to update status details, click More image2next to the appointment number and select the option you need to update.   For example, if you want to assign a new technician to the job, click Assign/Unassign.

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