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Vendor Bill Payment reportLast updated on 09/12/2022

With Payables, you can send Bill payments to remittance vendors. Run the Vendor Bill Payment report so you can see all of your Virtual Card (VCard) transactions and calculate monthly vendor rebates.

Things to know

  • Vendor rebates are 1% of VCard payments. 

  • If a payment is processed at the end of the month and it is cleared in the following month, the rebates for the VCard payment are distributed in the next payment cycle. 

Create a report

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Reports reports-image

  2. Click Create Report. 

    The Report Builder opens.

  3. Under the Choose report type column, click Others.  Under the Select a report template column, click Bill Payment. A list of columns available for the Bill Payment template displays.

  4. Click Deselect All.

  5. Select each of the following columns:

    • Remittance Vendor Name—Name of the remittance vendor

    • Payment Method—Method of processing the bill payment

    • Date—Date of bill payment

    • Approved Date—Date that bill payment is approved

    • Payment Amount—Amount of the bill payment in dollars

    • Payment Status—Status of the bill payment

    • Payment Delivery Method—Method that the bill payment is delivered to the vendor. ACH, VCard, or Check

  6. Click Next.

  7. Enter the report’s name. For example, “Bill Payment Report”.  

  8. Click the Category dropdown and select Accounting. For more information, see Create custom reports.

  9. When you're done, click Save.

    The report opens.

Run the report to calculate rebates

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Reports reports-image. The All Reports screen opens displaying reports on cards in a grid.

  2. Click the name of the bill payment report you created. The report opens.

    Tip: Enter the first few letters of the report title in the search bar to filter the list of reports.

  3. Use the  From and To calendar fields to set a range of dates to run the report on. 

  4. Click the Export Status dropdown and Select Pending, Posted, and Exported

  5. When you’re done setting filters for your report, click Run Report.

  6. Click Filter image1 next to the Payment Delivery Method column.

  7. Click the Is one of dropdown and select VCard.  Then, click Filter. 

  8. Click Export. The Export Report pop-up opens.

  9. Select Export as XLSX (MS Excel)and click Export. 

    The XLSX file is downloaded to your web browser.

  10. Open the XLSX file. Take the Sum of the Payment Amount column and multiply it by 1%. For example, if the sum is $1105, then the rebate is $11.05.

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