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Vehicle Data overviewLast updated on 05/01/2023

The Vehicle Data sub-section includes a table with information such as the vehicle name, GPS Device Serial number used in the vehicle, and other information. This sub-section also lets you customize the vehicle data table, view and activate vehicle data, and activate or deactivate vehicle records.

Customize the Vehicle Data table

In the Vehicle Data table, you can view the basic information including the vehicle’s name, GPS Device Serial number, and other information related to the vehicle's make, model, and more. You can also add and remove columns in the table to customize the information you want to view.

To add additional columns:

  1. Sign in to ServiceTitan.

  2. Go to Fleet Pro. The Fleet Data page opens.

  3. On the page, click Edit Columns. The Edit Columns page opens.

  4. Select the columns you want to view in the table. The Vehicle Name and GPS Device Serial # are selected by default and you can’t remove them. Note: You can also organize the columns' order in the table by using the drag-and-drop tool.

    The Vehicle Data table consists of the following columns:

    • GPS Device Serial #: Serial number of the GPS device used in the vehicle

    • Vehicle Name: Name of the Vehicle

    • Model: Name of a car product and sometimes a range of products

    • VIN: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), consists of a 17-digit, unique code assigned to the vehicle by the manufacturer

    • Status: The status of the vehicle can be Active or needs Attention

    • Group: Group name the vehicle belongs to

    • Make: Brand of the vehicle

    • Year: Year of the vehicle manufacture

    • Driver: Name of the driver

    • Odometer: Total mileage that the vehicle has been driven

  5. Click Save. The newly added columns appear on the Vehicle Data table.

Vehicle Details overview

The Vehicle Details page includes two tabs:

  • Vehicle Data tab

  • Device Data tab

Vehicle Data tab

The Vehicle Data tab includes:

  • Information derived from ServiceTitan's Truck record that is under Inventory

  • The information generated from the GPS device installed on the vehicle such as the Vehicle Name, GPS Device Serial Number, Status, VIN, and Current Odometer. Note: You can only enter the VIN manually.

Device Data tab

Information in this tab is generated automatically and it includes information about the Associated GPS Device, GPS Code, GPS SIM Number, and GPS Activation Data. Device Data information helps you to know the device details when it needs replacement or change.

Review vehicle with Attention status

Vehicles with the Attention status need your review. To view the vehicle details and the required actions:

  1. On the Vehicle Data page, click the Vehicle Name with the Attention Attention icon on Vehicle Data page status. 

  2. On the Vehicle Details page that opens, go to the fields with the Attention icon and enter the required information. For example on this vehicle details page: 

    1. Go to the Assigned Vehicle field and select a vehicle.

    2. Go to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and enter the 17 unique digits given to the vehicle by the manufacturer.

  3. When you’re done, click Save. This changes the Vehicle status from Attention to Active.

Assign vehicle, driver, and group

The Vehicle Details page also lets you assign the vehicle, driver, and group to the Fleet Pro device detected in the physical vehicle.

To assign the vehicle, driver, and group:

  1. Go to Fleet Pro > Fleet Data > Vehicle Data.

  2. Select the vehicle you want from the table. The Vehicle Details page opens.

  3. On the highlighted area on the top right:

    • Assigned Vehicle: Select a vehicle selected to map between the device installed on the vehicle and the truck in ServiceTitan.

    • Assigned Driver: Select a driver or a technician within ServiceTitan.

    • Group: Select a group to which the vehicle belongs.

  4. When you’re done, click Save.

Add additional vehicle information

Additional information is generally kept out of the system. You can enter vehicle data to keep a repository for the vehicle data and get better reporting in ServiceTitan.

To add additional vehicle information:

  1. In the Vehicle Data page, find the field you want to add information to, hover over it, and click Edit Edit icon.

  2. Enter the information and click Save The save note icon. Tip: To delete information, click Delete image8.

    Note: The vehicle Make, Model, and Year data are derived from the GPS device installed on the vehicle and you can’t update them.

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