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Using ServiceTitan PracticeLast updated on 01/16/2023

ServiceTitan Practice is a sandbox environment you can use for long-term training sessions. ServiceTitan Practice is more stable and helps you train your staff to use ServiceTitan effectively without affecting the data in your live ServiceTitan account.

For technicians using ServiceTitan Mobile, Practice is referred to as Train in Practice.

Things to know

  • New features and updates first appear in the Next environment which is used for testing, then in the Go (Live) and the Practice environments. Note: The Practice environment should not be used for getting familiar with new features.

  • The Practice environment is updated at the end of a release. It works best as an environment for teams to conduct long-term training on new features. 

  • You can sign in to Practice using the same username and password as your live ServiceTitan account (Go). Important: If you have trouble signing in to Practice, reset your password in your live account and then sign in to Practice using your newly set password. Only use reset password in Practice if you created a user to test something out and need to reset their password. If the user exists in your live account, then reset the password there.

  • When you change your username or password in your live account, it will automatically update your sign-in info in Practice. Note that the sync between the two environments can take up to five minutes.

  • The following account-related information in your employee and technician profiles are synchronized from Go to Practice: username, password, name, email address, mobile phone, active status, verification status, role, and permissions.

  • When you create a new employee or technician profile in your live account, it will automatically create that profile in Practice. 

  • Emails and SMS messages do not get delivered in Practice. This means your customers, employees, and technicians will not get notifications based on actions you take in this sandbox environment. The only exception is for sign-in and password-related emails.

  • If you have integrated your Intacct account with your ServiceTitan account, please be aware that transactions exported from the Practice environment to Intacct will appear in your real Intacct production environment.

Sign in to ServiceTitan Practice

  1. Go to On the sign-in screen, there is a tag that indicates you are signing in to Practice, your sandbox environment.

  2. Sign in using the same username and password you use to sign in to ServiceTitan Go. If you are unable to sign in, go to and select Forgot Password? Note: In ServiceTitan Practice, there is a banner at the top letting you know that you are in an area where changes you make will not affect your actual information. This ensures you're not in your live Go account, keeping your data safe and without alteration.

    Note: If you use the Practice ( environment, your login information will automatically get updated from Go to Practice.

Access ServiceTitan Practice from your profile

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click your profile icon in the right corner.

  2. Select Train in Practice from the dropdown menu.

    Note: When technicians log into ServiceTitan, the Train in Practice option won’t be displayed. They should go to and access ServiceTitan Practice.

Access ServiceTitan Practice in ServiceTitan Mobile

In ServiceTitan Mobile, the Practice environment is called Train in Practice. You switch between Test in Next mode and Practice mode in ServiceTitan Mobile.

To give a technician access to Train in Practice, first book a job for that technician in ServiceTitan Practice:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in using the same username and password you use to sign in to ServiceTitan. If you are unable to sign in, reset your password in ServiceTitan Go.

  3. In ServiceTitan Practice, book a job for the technician who will be using Training Mode in ServiceTitan Mobile.

Have the technician:

  1. Sign in to ServiceTitan Mobile.

  2. If they are unable to sign in, have them tap Forgot Password? and reset their password.

  3. Tap the technician profile in the upper-right corner to access the menu.

  4. On the menu, tap Train in Practice. In Train in Practice, they can access tutorials in addition to any jobs booked through ServiceTitan Practice.

    Note: When a technician is in Train in Practice in ServiceTitan Mobile instead of the live account, a banner displays at the top of the screen to notify them that they're in training mode (Practice). If they want to go back to the live account, they need to tap the Switch to Live Account option on the menu.

Updates in ServiceTitan Practice

  • Updates are done automatically in ServiceTitan Practice.

  • Because this is a sandbox environment that changes as we release, the changes you make in ServiceTitan Practice will expire in a week. If you want to save the changes before they expire, export them.

  • If you had your ServiceTitan customer success manager make changes to your account, inform them that you want these changes to apply to ServiceTitan Practice and Go for continuity between the two accounts. ServiceTitan Practice and Go are synced once a week on Fridays.

  • The automated sync of account information, such as username, password, or verification, is only from Go to Next and Go to Practice. If you change your password in Next or Practice, your password in Go does not update.

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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.