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Using our release notesLast updated on 01/09/2023

Through our release notes, we share with you all the goodness our teams are actively working on year-round to enhance your overall experience when using our products. Whether it’s a new feature, improvements on existing ones, or fixes of any major bugs that impact service, we want you to be informed and know where to look for release news.

Note: Fixes are deployed daily behind the scenes, therefore not all bug fixes will be highlighted in Release Notes.

How our release notes work

Before a release, we publish all of the items that will be included, to give you a peek at what’s upcoming and help you plan with your team. As we get closer to the release date, we’ll update the notes, include any last minute additions, exclude any last minute removals and add links to knowledge base articles where you can find more information about the new features and improvements.

In the Release Notes section of ServiceTitan Knowledge Base, you can find all releases:

  • Upcoming

  • Latest

  • Archive

Our release notes


The ST-XX in the title helps you track and reference our release notes. Previous releases used the month and year in the title, but we've grown up. Call us ST-XX.

About this release box

The About this release box gives you insight into where we are in the release. While we are busy preparing the release you’ll see a disclaimer letting you know that the notes are subject to change. When the release is final, we may even add a personal note to say hi or fill you in on specific information about this release. Keep an eye out for this!


For those who prefer the audio version of the release notes, we have a YouTube video, where you can find a brief overview of the current ServiceTitan releases.


The You asked, we listened yawl-icon-sm icon stands for the features we improved using your feedback.

The following icons help you identify whether an update applies to your business:

  • All customers All business types

  • C-Construction Commercial Construction

  • Commercial Commercial Service & Repair

  • R-Construction Residential Construction

  • Residential Residential Service & Repair


All items in the release notes are created equal. However, there are the Top Highlights and Additional Highlights sections at the top of the release notes that cover the items from the release that we feel will be most impactful in helping your business grow.

Not all things in a release are new. Most are improvements based on feedback from customers like you, and we want you to know how we’re improving areas in the product, including addressing fixes that impact your use. To see all things new, look under the New section. Same for improvement: check out the Improvements section for those. For all fix related items, there’s a Fixes section, so you know what’s been fixed for any one release.

Each release item falls under a ServiceTitan component to help you skim and view only areas of the product that matter most to your team.

Related articles

Each note has links to related content to show you how the released item works or was improved, so you know what to expect next time you sign in to your ServiceTitan or ServiceTitan Mobile account.

PDF available

Yes! A PDF file is included with each release once the release notes are final. If the release notes are in the upcoming mode, you see a placeholder. Keep an eye out for the link!

Want to learn more?

For our latest and archived release notes, see ServiceTitan Release Notes.

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