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Use the Dispatch BoardLast updated on 11/09/2022

The Dispatch Board gives you an immediate visual overview of where your technicians are and what jobs are going on for the day.

View the Dispatch Board

Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch to view the Dispatch Board.

All events on the Dispatch Board are color-coded.

  • Non-job events are dark gray.

  • Scheduled appointments are light blue.

  • Confirmed appointments are a darker shade of blue.

  • Working appointments are green.

  • Dispatched appointments are purple.

  • Done appointments are light gray.

Note: The work already done on an appointment marked Paused will continue to show up on the Dispatch Board as a gray bubble.

Right-click on an event to quickly reassign, confirm, dispatch, reschedule, view property data or open the job page, invoice page, location page, customer page or map address.

Hovering over a job will show a quick view of job details as well as the job's priority level next to the header.

If a job has more than one technician assigned to it, you see the multiple technician icon on the Dispatch Board. When you hover over the job, you see the names of the technicians.

Click on an event for a quick view of event details. You can also edit or delete the event.

The text color for tags on the Dispatch Board updates dynamically so that they are easy to read and comply with modern accessibility guidelines.

If you have set up alerts for the Dispatch Board, late jobs are outlined in red, with details about the status of the job in the hover pop-up.

Gray dotted lines indicate the time between dispatch and arrival, while blue lines indicate the time from arrival to the appointment being marked done.

Hover over the square at the beginning of the gray line to see the dispatch time.

Hover over the dot at the beginning of the blue line to see the arrival time.

Hover over the second dot to see when the appointment was marked done.

Select or change the date

Use the arrows to move the Dispatch Board back or forward by one day.

Click Today to get to today's Dispatch Board quickly.

Click the date to choose any date, past or future, from the calendar.

View messages and notifications

Notifications and messages appear on the right.

Your Dispatch Board message list include job updates, like when a technician completed a job, and incoming text messages from technicians. Click Go to Settings to manage which messages show up in your queue.


Click the Refresh icon in the upper right corner to update the Dispatch Board, so you can see updates from other dispatchers. You'll want to do this fairly often, especially during peak hours.

Filter the Dispatch Board by business unit

Use the Business Unit filter at the top of the Dispatch Board to filter technicians on the Dispatch Board and jobs by business unit.

If you use several combinations of business units, you can save them for quick access and reference. The link to the Dispatch Board changes as you change the combination of business units being displayed.

Select the business units you want and then bookmark that custom link to the Dispatch Board in your browser. For example, you could create a bookmark in your browser called Install West that would show you only the install-related business units for a certain zone.

View technicians

Technicians are grouped by teams, if your company has set up teams. Next to each technician, you will see a dot that indicates that technician's zone.

Click any technician profile picture to clock the technician in or out of a job, put the technician on or end the technician's meal break, edit the technician's non-job timesheet, add a non-job purchase order for the technician, or send the technician a text message.

Click View Technician Route to see the full map of the route for that technician’s day in Google Maps.

The map helps you to plan other visits in context of the technician’s route for the day.

Note: The route is determined using a verified address if available and the user-entered address if not. Unverified addresses may lead to inaccurate results on the map.

Assign, unassign, and reassign technicians

You can assign technicians to an appointment, unassign technicians from an appointment, and change technician assignments on the Dispatch Board.

Right click any appointment and then select Assign for appointments that don’t have any technicians assigned to them yet or Reassign for appointments that already have technicians assigned to them.

To remove a technician from the appointment, click x and then click Unassign.

To add a technician to the appointment, click the dropdown arrow to see a list of all technicians you can assign, and then click the name of the technician. You can also start typing the name of the technician you’d like to assign and then click the name. When you’re done, click Assign.

Schedule non-job events

To schedule a new non-job event, click any blank space on the Dispatch Board. After adding the details for the event, click Create Event.

View map

At the bottom of the Dispatch Board, you will see a heat map showing you the current location of all technicians. The map inherits your business unit selection for the dispatch board.

  • Click on any technician picture to see the latest status and technician phone number.

  • Click Full Screen Map at the bottom of the map, to open up the map in another tab in full screen mode.

  • Hover over the map to click and drag to a different area.

  • Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and zoom out.

  • Click Hide Map to minimize the map.

Open the job details flyout

You can find and edit job details directly from the Dispatch Board without the need to open the job record. Click on any job from the Dispatch Board to open the Job Details flyout. This helps you quickly and efficiently access and edit job information.

To open the Job Details flyout:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch

  2. From the Dispatch Board, click the job for which you want to see additional details. The Job Details flyout opens. Note: If you want to open the Job Record from the Job Details flyout, click Go to Job Page

  3. Click Edit edit pencil icon on the top corner to update the Job Type, Priority, Bill To, and Service Location.

  4. In the Job Overview section of the Job Details flyout, click Edit edit pencil icon next to Job Tags, Skills, and Job Summary to update each field.

  5. In the Additional Information section of the Job Details flyout, you can click the invoice number to open the invoice linked to the job.

  6. If you want to update job status details, click Moreimage2 and select the option you need to update.   For example, if you want to assign a new technician to the job, click Assign/Unassign to add additional technician to the job.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.