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Use formsLast updated on 02/07/2023

Forms and why they're useful

Forms are used to collect information about a job, a customer, a location, a piece of equipment, or anything else that relates to your business. They can be used by technicians or office employees.

For example, you can have a technician fill out a form to collect the age and condition of equipment at a job site. An office employee could fill out a similar form while on a call with a customer.

In addition to the above example, you can:

  • Collect customers' signatures using a form.

  • Add authorization and acknowledgment paragraphs to a form, just like you have on an invoice. To learn more, see Set up invoice signature settings.

  • Add triggers to a form to alert technicians to complete a form in certain situations, such as a change in job status. To learn more, see Set up form triggers.

  • When technicians fill out forms, they can attach a photo or video. These are automatically added to the job, and you can see them in the Audit trail and Files tab.

  • Use a form as a checklist for your technicians. For example, include a point-by-point home inspection form as a mandatory checklist in order to complete a job.

  • If your business uses a lot of forms, be sure to add business units to the form so that technicians have an easier time finding the right forms when out in the field.

  • Create a PDF form with smart fields. For more information, see Smart fields in PDF forms.


There are two types of forms:

  • ST Forms: designed directly in ServiceTitan using a variety of headers, paragraph text, and form fields.

  • PDFs: designed outside of ServiceTitan using software like Adobe Acrobat and then uploaded to ServiceTitan.

You can use the Type column to see what kind of form is listed. You can also sort and filter the forms shown with the Type filter.

If a technician begins work on a form in ServiceTitan Mobile but exits the form before completing it, the form shows the Started label in the job’s audit trail under the Files tab.

Activate or deactivate a form

You can activate or deactivate forms in settings. When a form is active it can be accessed when it has been deactivated, it cannot.

  1. In the side panel, go to Operations > Forms.

  2. At the top of the list of forms, click Activate or Deactivate

  3. Select the form you want to activate or deactivate. Tip: If you can’t find the form you want to edit, check to see if it is hidden by any filters.

  4. At the top of the list of forms, click Activate or Deactivate.

A check mark appears or disappears in the Status column for the form you have selected

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