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Edit invoices exported to QuickBooksLast updated on 02/28/2023

You can edit and update invoices that were exported to the new ServiceTitan Web Connector to QuickBooks Desktop. This reduces reliance on adjustment invoices to edit and update exported invoices.

Things to know

  • Invoices are edited in ServiceTitan. The edited invoices can be sent to QuickBooks to ensure both accounting systems have the same data. Sending edited data to QuickBooks is referred to as syncing.

Note: Only the invoice fields listed in Edit exported invoices are synced to QuickBooks.

  • You can:

    • Edit one exported invoice at a time

    • Make multiple edits to an exported invoice and sync when the edits are complete

  • After you sync invoice edits to QuickBooks, check the sync status to ensure that it was successful:

    • N/A—Invoice was not updated

    • Synced—Invoice was updated in ServiceTitan and QuickBooks

    • Bypassed—Invoice was updated in ServiceTitan. The update was not sent to QuickBooks.

    • Action Required—Invoice was updated in ServiceTitan. An export error prevented a successful update of QuickBooks.

  • After syncing, it can take a few minutes for the changes to be reflected in QuickBooks.

  • Once an invoice is exported, items can’t be added or removed from it if those changes would cause the new total to be $0. This also applies to bypassed invoices.

Enable permission to edit

  1. Go to the employee profile for which you want to enable permissions.

  2. Scroll down and click Allow edit and update of previously exported transactions.

  3. Click Save.

Edit exported invoices

To edit exported invoices, you need to have the right permission enabled. Contact your account administrator for details.

  1. Open the exported invoice you want to edit.The Invoice screen opens. Each invoice displays an exported status and sync status:

    • Status ExportedExported displays if the invoice was previously exported to QuickBooks. Sync Status tells you if invoice edits were synced or not.

    • Sync Status N/AN/A displays until the invoice is updated and the Invoice screen is refreshed.

  2. To edit the invoice:

    1. Click Edit icon-pencil.png in the Task section and edit the following as needed:

      • Description

      • Taxable

      • Quantity

      • Unit Price

      • Cost

      • Business Unit

      • Inventory Location

      Note: Click Close icon-close.png next to a task to delete it.

    2. Click Update invoice details in the side menu and edit the following as needed:

      • Invoice #

      • Invoice Date

      • Tax Zone

      • Summary

      Note: The fields below are passed to QuickBooks. For more information about how invoices are completed, see Edit an invoice.

  3. When you’re done, click Save in the Task section or the Invoice screen depending on where you made your edits. The Transaction is exported pop-up opens.

    • To update both ServiceTitan and QuickBooks, click Save & Sync.

    • To update ServiceTitan and not QuickBooks, click Save & Bypass. For more on bypassing an export, see Bypass exporting a batch to accounting software.

      Please select a connection opens:

  4. Click the connection you want. The Invoice screen opens. Sync Status is N/A.

  5. Click Refresh icon-sync.pngthe Invoice screen to refresh Sync Status.

    • If you clicked Save & Bypass, Sync Status is Bypassed.

      Confirm the invoice is updated in ServiceTitan.

    • If you clicked Save & Sync, Sync Status is Synced.

      Confirm the invoice is updated in ServiceTitan and QuickBooks. Note: If you get this message after syncing, see Resolve Sync Errors.

    • If you clicked Save & BypassSync Status is Bypassed.

      Confirm the invoice is updated in ServiceTitan.

Make multiple edits

You can make multiple edits and sync when edits are complete:

  1. Make edits, clicking Save & Bypass for each edit.

  2. When you are done, hover over the Sync Status Bypassed icon.

    The Qbd Re-Sync Bypassed pop-up opens.

  3. Click Re-Sync.

    Sync Status changes to Synced.

    Note: If you get this message after syncing, see Resolve Sync Errors.

  4. Confirm the invoices are updated in ServiceTitan and in QuickBooks. Note: If you get this message after syncing, see Resolve sync errors.

Resolve sync errors

The Invoice screen displays Sync Status— Action Required if there was an error syncing an exported invoice.

To fix sync errors:

  1. Hover over Sync Status.

    The Qbd Re-Sync Failed pop-up opens.

  2. Review the details of the sync error which includes:

    • Reason for error

    • Article link to resolving QuickBooks export errors

    • Report link to objects that failed

  3. Resolve the error following the steps in Edit exported invoices.

  4. On the Qbd Re-Sync Failed pop-up:

    • Click Re-Sync to update ServiceTitan and QuickBooks.

    • Click Refresh icon-sync.png on the Invoice screen.

    • Confirm the invoice is updated in ServiceTitan and QuickBooks.

    • Click Bypass to update ServiceTitan and not QuickBooks.

      • Refresh the Invoice screen.

      • Confirm the invoice is updated in ServiceTitan and not QuickBooks.

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