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Understanding ServiceTitan Vocabulary: SalesLast updated on 03/22/2022

Understanding ServiceTitan Vocabulary: Sales

ServiceTitan term

When is this term used?

What this triggers in ServiceTitan

Marketing lead

A CSR books a job, and a sales technician is dispatched. The sales technician is assigned a marketing lead.

  • On the dashboard: Marketing leads are counted in the Sales section of the dashboard. Marketing lead count is in # Opps (under All Leads as well as Marketing Leads).

Technician-generated lead

A service technician is at a job site, and convinces the customer to get estimates to replace an old furnace.

A technician-generated lead is set, and a sales technician is dispatched to offer estimates. The sales technician has been assigned a technician-generated lead.

  • On the dashboard: Technician-generated lead are counted in the Sales section of the dashboard. The technician-generated lead count is in # Opps (under All Leads as well as Technician-Generated Leads).

Sales opportunity

A sales technician is dispatched to a marketing lead or technician-generated lead—these are sales opportunities.

When the sales technician creates one or more estimates for the customer, the opportunity appears Follow Ups. The opportunity includes all estimates created for that job. The opportunity remains open in Follow Ups until an estimate is sold.

Open opportunity

Estimates have been created for a customer, but nothing has been sold or converted. The opportunity status is Open.

Use the Opportunities screen in Follow Ups to view open estimates and follow up with those customers. Click an opportunity to reach the Opportunity Follow-Up (where you can log follow-up activity).

Won opportunity

At least one of the estimates created fro a customer is sold with a subtotal greater than or equal to the sold threshold. The opportunity status is Won. If the subtotal is below the sold threshold, the opportunity status changes to Dismissed.

When an estimate is sold, it appears in Follow Ups on the Sold Estimates screen. You can use the Sold Estimates screen to follow up with customers to schedule the job and assign a technician to perform the work.

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