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Memberships conceptsLast updated on 09/09/2022

Memberships give customers discounts on materials and services usually in exchange for a monthly fee. ServiceTitan offers multiple methods of membership configuration, including options for deferred revenue. Before you start using memberships, you'll need to know how to set them up, configure them, and more.

Membership settings

Most of the membership setup is done in the Membership Wizard (Settings > Invoicing > Membership Types). The Membership Wizard walks you through all membership settings, including the member discount, membership duration, recurring services, billing setup, and more. For how to use the wizard, see Create membership types.

Membership Pricebook service items

You can also use Pricebook to set up all the service items used with a membership:

  • The membership sales item—Pricebook item used when you sell a new membership.

  • The renewal item—Pricebook item used to renew the membership.

  • Billing invoice template items (required for for recurring billing only)—Pricebook items used for billing charges on the billing invoice template.

  • Deferred revenue items (required for deferred revenue only)—Two separate Pricebook items, in + and - amounts, used to trigger revenue recognition every time the service is booked. Add the +/- Pricebook items to the recurring service invoice template.

  • All of your membership Pricebook items can be found in Settings > Pricebook > Services.

  • Only membership Pricebook items are allowed on membership billing invoices.

See Understanding membership discounts to learn more about setting up memberships in your pricebook.

Additional Pricebook setup

You may need to create additional service items directly in your pricebook, depending on the membership type. For example, an accountant may need to map each membership billing and sales item to the correct General Ledger Account.

See the Quick Setup Guides on the Memberships landing page to learn more.

Recurring Service Types

The Membership Wizard will help you set up a recurring service type for every service included with the membership.

  • Each Recurring Service Type will be set up with the appropriate recurring service invoice template.

  • The Recurring Service Type sets the frequency of the recurring services (annual, seasonal, monthly, bi-monthly, etc).

  • You can set up a recurring service type with job details to save your customer service representative time as they book recurring service events into jobs.

See How to add, edit, or remove recurring services for a customer to learn more.

Note: You can use the same recurring service type on multiple membership types. All of your existing recurring service types can be found in Settings > Invoicing > Recurring Service Types.

Invoice templates

You’ll need to set up different kinds of invoice templates, depending on the membership type:

  • If the membership has recurring billing, you'll need to set up a membership billing invoice template.

  • You might want to set up an invoice template for each recurring service. The recurring service invoice template is used every time the service is booked.

For how to use invoice templates, see Creating and using invoice templates.

Deferred revenue setup

If your membership is set up for deferred revenue—meaning that your business recognizes revenue as recurring services are performed—you'll need to set up the recurring service invoice template to trigger revenue recognition.

Note: You can use the same invoice template on multiple membership plans. All of your existing invoice templates can be found in Settings > Invoicing > Invoice Templates.

See Setup deferred revenue for recurring services to learn more.

Membership add-ons

Configuring membership add-ons is optional, but you might want to set them up when selling customized membership plans.

Set up membership add-ons directly in your pricebook (Settings > Invoicing > Pricebook > Services).

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