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Understanding the memberships sales cycleLast updated on 09/09/2022

When selling a membership, there are several steps you can take to ensure the successful sale of a membership.

Membership sales workflow

Steps to selling a membership
What happens when there are add-ons?

Step One: Invoice the customer for the new membership When the membership sells, you’ll invoice the customer using the membership sale task from the Pricebook.

Add-on charges will be rolled into the membership price.

  • Add-on task(s) should be added to the membership sales invoice (the initial invoice).

  • Make sure to check This is an add-on task as you add the item to the invoice. Select the membership as the Parent Task.

Step Two: Review & book the customer’s recurring service events

You can access a customer’s membership immediately once it’s been sold.

Here are two common ways to look up a customer's recurring service events:

  • Navigate to the customer or location and click into the membership. The customer’s recurring service events display in the Recurring Events table.

  • Use the Recurring Service Events screen in Follow Ups.

Add-on services will automatically appear on the membership.

  • If an add-on is for an extra service (for example, an extra maintenance visit in the spring), you’ll see it listed in the customer’s recurring services.

  • If the add-on is an upgrade to an existing recurring service (for example, an extra heating system for a duplex), you’ll see it on the invoice template for the applicable recurring service.

Step Three: Attach installed equipment to the recurring services It is a best practice to have a record of every installed equipment item at the service location. If a recurring service is for an equipment item, the equipment should be attached to the recurring service.

Click here to learn more.

You can also attach equipment to add-on services.

Step Four: Process membership billing If the membership has recurring billing, the billing settings will automatically populate in the customer’s membership. You can always change the next bill date and other billing settings if necessary.

Click here for more information on processing membership billing.

If there are extra billing charges for the add-on, the membership bill will automatically adjust.

  • If you ever need to make manual adjustments to a customer’s billing, you can edit the customer's billing settings.

Step Five: Renew the membership You can use the Expiring Memberships tab on the Follow up screen to generate renewal estimates, then follow up and sell membership renewals.

You can change the membership renewal option, if the customer decides to upgrade (or downgrade) the membership.

Add-ons will automatically appear on the membership renewal estimate.

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