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Understanding ServiceTitan Vocabulary: JobsLast updated on 03/22/2022

This helps to understand the vocabulary used in Jobs in ServiceTitan

Vocabulary used in Jobs in ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan term

When is this term used?

What this triggers in ServiceTitan

Job opportunity

(A sales tech sold an estimate - tech is assigned to perform the work)

A sales tech has sold an estimate. Someone in the office sees the sold estimate on the Follow Up screen, and books the job.

The opportunity now belongs to the tech assigned to perform the work. It's up to tech to make the most of the opportunity.

Once the job is completed by the service, maintenance, or install tech, the job will show up on the dashboard. If it was an install job, it will appear in the tech’s # Completed; if it was a maintenance or service job, it will show up in the tech’s # Opps.

  • On the dashboard: The dashboard will show how the technician performed at the job. Depending on whether the job is in maintenance, service, or install, you will see KPIs such as how much revenue was generated, whether the technician had any upsells, the technician's billable hours efficiency, etc.

Job opportunity

(CSR assigns the tech - no sales tech is dispatched)

A CSR takes an incoming call, books a job, and assigns a maintenance, install, or service tech (no sales tech is dispatched).

The opportunity belongs to the tech performing the work. It's up to tech to make the most of the opportunity.

Same as above.

Tech generated lead (technician sets a lead)

A service or maintenance tech is at a job site and convinces the customer to have their furnace looked at for replacement.

A Tech generated lead is set, and a sales tech is dispatched to provide estimates for the install.

  • On the dashboard (Service/Maintenance section): In the Service or Maintenance section on the dashboard, the tech will get credit for generating the lead (under Lead Generation, it will appear as a lead set). The dashboard will also show how much revenue is being generated from the tech’s leads. If an estimate is sold and the install job is completed, the revenue will appear under Lead Generation (Avg Sale).

  • On the dashboard (Sales section): Once the sales tech has been dispatched, the tech generated lead will show up in Sales under All leads and Tech Leads. If the sales tech sells an estimate, the office will schedule the install.

  • On the dashboard (Install section): Once the estimate is sold and the install job is scheduled and dispatched, this becomes another install job in the Install section (and remember, the revenue from this install job is going to hit Avg Sale under Lead Generation, for the tech who generated the original lead).

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