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Understanding ServiceTitan Vocabulary: Call BookingLast updated on 03/22/2022

Understanding calls vocabulary

ServiceTitan term

When is this term used?

What this triggers in ServiceTitan

Call lead

A customer calls in who intends to hire someone (the lasts over 60 seconds). This is a call lead.

The call is classified as a lead.

  • On the dashboard: The call lead appears as a Lead under Call Metrics.

Booked call

The CSR books a job. The lead is now a booked call.

When the CSR books a job, this will positively impact the Call Booking Rate (% Booked) for the company and the individual CSR.

  • On the dashboard: The booked call appears as an Appt under Call Metrics.

Abandoned Call

A CSR answers a call but forgets to click the incoming call bubble in ServiceTitan. This is an abandoned call.

This means there is no CSR attached the call. When a call has been abandoned, the call cannot be attached to appropriate customer or relevant job, nor will the call be properly accounted for in CSR conversion rates, call reporting, or any call-related KPIs.

  • On the dashboard: You’ll see abandoned calls within CSR scorecards on the dashboard (there will be an automated CSR profile that says, “Abandoned Calls”). Abandoned calls will also appear in the Unbooked Calls section of the dashboard. Go to either of these places to click into the abandoned call and reclassify it.

Unbooked Call

A CSR answers a call lead, but no job is booked. This is an unbooked call.

Unbooked calls will have an impact on the CSR call booking rate (CSR conversion rate).

  • On the dashboard: You’ll see unbooked calls in the Unbooked Calls section of the dashboard. You’ll need to click on the call to follow up (you can listen to the call to see why no job was booked).

Excused call

A call comes in from UPS. Or, someone calls in with a wrong number.

These are excused calls.

You can set up call reasons that will automatically excuse calls as "not a lead." The office manager (or someone with permission) can also manually excuse a call using the Unbooked Calls section of the dashboard.

Important Note: Any excused call lasting more than 60 seconds must have the proper call reason applied, or the manager will have to manually excuse the call. If excused calls are not correctly handled, this will throw off your call booking metrics and count against CSR conversion rates.

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