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Troubleshoot Pricebook import errorsLast updated on 03/31/2022

Understanding the import error log (if the Pricebook import fails)

You will see an error log if a Pricebook import fails. Often, these errors are easily correctable. The error log will contain information that will help you quickly locate and identify each issue. The error log will tell you where each error has occurred.

The error log will also provide a description of the error, so you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Avoid the most common Pricebook import errors

  1. Don’t change the Pricebook template.

    The Pricebook will not import correctly unless it is in the ServiceTitan Pricebook Excel Template. To access the Pricebook Excel Template, simply export the Pricebook from ServiceTitan.

    You cannot:

    • Remove / delete any columns, headers, or sheets from the Excel document.

    • Add columns, headers, or sheets to the Excel document (this data will not import into ServiceTitan).

    You can:

    • Remove / delete any data within columns, headers, or sheets.

    • Add data within columns, headers, or sheets.

  2. Set up categories and subcategories directly within ServiceTitan, before you export.

    Within the Pricebook Excel Template, you will see a sheet for Categories (this is the first sheet in the Excel Document).

    The Categories sheet requires specific formatting for categories and subcategories:

    • Category1 column - These are the main categories in the Pricebook.

    • Category2 column - Subcategory. In the Pricebook Excel Template, all subcategories must be listed under the respective main category.

    • Category3 - Second subcategory (a subcategory within a subcategory). In the Pricebook Excel Template, these must appear under the respective subcategory.

  3. Don’t try to input or change the ServiceTitan-generated ID.

    In every sheet of the Pricebook Excel Template, you will see a column called ID. This is a ServiceTitan generated ID number. Do not change or delete this ID number.

    When you enter new items into the Pricebook Excel Template, you will leave the ID column blank (do not try to input your own ID number).

    When you import your Pricebook, ServiceTitan will automatically generate an ID for any new items. This ID is permanent.

  4. You cannot have the same subcategory name under two different categories.

    ServiceTitan won’t allow you to repeat your subcategory names as this would make your Pricebook difficult to navigate, and cause issues with invoicing and inventory. If you repeat a subcategory name under two different categories, you will get an error when trying to import the Pricebook.

  5. Make sure all the categories you use are listed in the Categories sheet.

    In the Service, Materials, Equipment and other tabs of the Pricebook Excel Template, you will see a column for Category Name. This is where you designate which category the item will appear under in your Pricebook.

    Every Category Name you use...

    ...must be listed in the categories sheet either as a main category (Category1) or subcategory (Category2 or Category3) within the categories sheet.

  6. Make sure each Pricebook item has a unique code. Each Pricebook item must have a unique code or you will get an error when importing the pricebook.

    In each sheet of the Pricebook Excel Template you will find a column for the Pricebook Code. This is the item code that appears on invoices and estimates.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.