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View check and ACH transaction status in SmartPayLast updated on 03/22/2022

In SmartPay, you can view the status of checks, including which checks were processed, declined, returned, and more. You can also view the reason for a check status.

Things to know

  • To process check payments with ServiceTitan SmartPay, account configuration is required. If you haven't already signed up for ServiceTitan Payments, click here for more information.

View check status

To view the status of checks in SmartPay, complete the following:

  1. Log into SmartPay.

  2. Navigate to Dashboard.

  3. Review the list of transaction summaries. See the table below for a list of common statuses, definitions, and causes where applicable.

    Causes for Unsuccessful Transactions


    Transaction has been verified and will be processed at the designated cut-off time. Search for an Approved transaction if you would like to void it.

    Not applicable


    Transaction has been processed and transmitted. Search for a Processed transaction if you’d like to issue a refund.

    Not applicable


    Transaction has been declined by the system and will not be processed. If you see a transaction here, you must re-process it if you’d like to collect payment from it.

    • Entered an invalid routing number (user error)

    • Velocity settings have been exceeded


    Transaction has been returned unauthorized by the account holder.

    • Account holder identified this transaction as unauthorized

    • Account holder has a Debit Block in place (automated block on ACH debit transactions)

    Uncollected NSF

    Transaction has been returned and funds could not be collected.

    Non-sufficient funds (NSF)


    Transaction has been authorized, but disputed by the account holder.

    Account holder disputed the transaction due to various reasons, e.g. processed for the wrong amount

    Invalid / Closed Account

    Transaction has been returned because the account number was invalid.

    • Entered an invalid account number (user error)

    • Entered an account number of a closed account

  4. Click into the desired status of transaction summaries.

  5. Click the View icon next to the desired batch.

  6. Click Show Events.

  7. Event details appear, where you can view the status of the check.

For more information, see Payments FAQ - ServiceTitan Payments - Checks

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