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Trane and American Standard Catalog Refresh customer communicationLast updated on 04/12/2023

Trane and American Standard Catalog Refresh

The new Trane and American Standard catalog is now available in your account which replaces the previously retired version. All items in your Pricebook are intact.

By clicking ‘Agree’ you, on behalf of the applicable ServiceTitan customer, authorize ServiceTitan to re-map all previously mapped items within the Trane V1 catalog to the new V2 catalog. You will then need to map the remaining items in your Pricebook.

For those who choose to opt out, you will need to map your entire Pricebook to the new catalog. As a best practice, we recommend you spend time mapping to ensure you have the most accurate product data and improve the item export experience to QuickBooks.

ServiceTitan will make commercially reasonable efforts to accurately re-map all previously mapped items as stated above if you request it, however, it is solely each customer’s responsibility to ensure that any such re-mapping is accurate and complete. ServiceTitan will retain the original mapping for a period of not less than 30 days from the date ServiceTitan re-maps your Pricebook as contemplated above, and you may request that ServiceTitan revert any re-mapping within that time period.

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