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Follow up on expiring membershipsLast updated on 09/14/2022

Manage expiring membership renewals efficiently with the Follow Up screen’s filtering and bulk editing tools. Technicians in the field can also sell renewals for expiring memberships.

Filter expiring memberships

Use the Follow Up screen filters to prioritize your membership renewals. For example, you may want to focus your HVAC membership renewals during the off-season to free up CSRs for when call volume increases. To generate a list of expiring memberships:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Follow Up.

  2. Click the Expiring Memberships tab.

  3. By default, the filters are set to search for memberships set to expire within two weeks of the current date. You can also customize your search using the following filters:

    • Business Unit—The business unit the memberships are assigned to

    • Membership—Membership type

    • Start and End—Memberships expiring within these dates

    • Opportunity Status—The state of the renewal opportunity

      • All—Expiring memberships of any status

      • Open—These are renewal opportunities that have not yet closed for the following reasons:

        • Not Attempted—The customer has not yet been contacted

        • Unreachable—The last time a follow up was attempted, the customer was unavailable

        • Contacted—The customer was contacted but the estimate was not sold

      • Won—The renewal estimate was converted to a sale

      • Dismissed—The customer declined to renew their membership

    The follow up list updates automatically.

Build renewal estimates in bulk

After you filter expiring memberships, you can build estimates for multiple customers at once. This feature requires account configuration. Please contact your success or implementation manager for details.

Note: To renew an individual membership, you can renew a membership without a job in progress.

  1. In your follow up list of expiring memberships, click the up arrow in the Estimates column. Customers without renewal estimates appear at the top of the list.

  2. Select the checkbox next to the customers you want to build an estimate for.

  3. Click Bulk Edit.

  4. In the Bulk Edit pop-up, select Build Estimates and click Apply.

    The newly built estimates are listed in the Estimates column.

Call customers to convert renewal opportunities

For best practices, build your renewal estimates before calling customers.

  1. From the Expiring Memberships tab of the Follow Up screen, click the Opportunity Status for the customer whose membership you want to renew.

  2. From the customer’s Membership screen, click Call the customer.

  3. Click OK to place the call.

    • If you reach the customer and sell the renewal, convert the renewal estimate.

    • If you reach the customer and they decline to renew, dismiss the renewal opportunity.

    • Otherwise:

      1. Click Log a follow-up.

      2. From the Log Templates dropdown, select a follow up result.

      3. If you spoke with the customer, select Successfully reached the customer.

      4. Add any call information in the Notes field for future reference.

      5. Click Copy to Customer Notes if you want the notes included in the customer record.

      6. When you’re done, click Save.

Any changes are reflected in your follow up list.

Convert a membership renewal opportunity

When you successfully convert a membership renewal opportunity, an invoice is automatically generated. If you converted the renewal opportunity directly from an estimate, skip to step 2.

  1. If you called the customer from their membership screen, under Estimates, click the renewal estimate.

  2. In the renewal estimate, click Sold/Convert and a newly generated invoice opens.

  3. In the invoice, click Add a payment to collect payment.

The new invoice batches, posts, and exports, as with your other invoices.

Dismiss a membership renewal opportunity

It’s important to log when a customer declines to renew a membership so it won’t appear in future follow up lists.

  1. If you called the customer from their membership screen, under Estimates, click the renewal estimate.

  2. In the renewal estimate, click Dismiss.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.