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TitanAdvisor Training View for office employeesLast updated on 04/14/2022

Things to know

  • The TitanAdvisor Training View is available to all non-administrator office employees by default. If you require access to the TitanAdvisor administrator view, see TitanAdvisor administrator overview for details.

  • You are automatically enrolled in courses related to your role. If you are assigned to courses that do not relate to your role, please contact your company’s ServiceTitan Academy administrator.

Access your TitanAdvisor courses

  1. Go to the main navigation bar and click the icon-rocket.png icon.

  2. The TitanAdvisor Training View opens, showing you a list of courses assigned to you.

  3. Use the left navigation menu to locate the courses you want to complete, or simply scroll through the curriculum listed on the page. Each course may contain the following:

    1. Live Training—Either upcoming or past recordings of live training sessions. Click View Details to see the details and register for upcoming live training sessions, or click Watch Recording to view a recording of a past live training session. 

    2. Self-Paced Training—Lessons that can be completed on your own schedule.\

    3. Assessments—Final test that goes over what you learn in the live training and lessons. These can be completed whether you have viewed just a live training session or finished the self-paced training. Note: When a course is completed, a green check mark appears next to it in the navigation menu.

  4. To start a self-paced course, click on Start Course or Resume Course to open the course inside ServiceTitan.

    Note: You can use the navigation menu to switch to a new lesson in the course, or just use the Next button to move to the next lesson in the course. Click Back to My Training to return to TitanAdvisor at any time. 

  5. When you’ve finished your lessons, click the Take Assessment button to take the final assessment for the course. There may be multiple assessments for the course you can take. Note: The Assessment section displays only when there are assessments available for the course.

    As you complete your assigned courses, the progress meter will fill, showing you the percentage of courses you have completed.

    Note: The lesson and course statuses and progress meter do not update instantly after you complete a course. These will update every few minutes.

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