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TitanAdvisor administrator overviewLast updated on 04/14/2022

TitanAdvisor looks at your account setup and the features you use. Then, based on your trades, organization size, ServiceTitan package, and prioritized business goals, TitanAdvisor recommends features that can make the biggest positive impact on your business.

Things to know

  • Before your company goes live with ServiceTitan, you will have access to Prepare to Launch which guides you through setting up required features and completing the training necessary for a successful ServiceTitan launch. 

  • Once your company has gone live with ServiceTitan, administrators will have access to the TitanAdvisor administrator view, which includes access to My Training and Team Training. Note: Your non-administrator office employees will still have access to the TitanAdvisor Training view, which lists training courses for them to complete. 

  • TitanAdvisor is optional. Access to ServiceTitan features is not dependent on your TitanAdvisor stage or your TitanScore.

  • To complete a TitanAdvisor stage, you must earn a minimum number of points for that stage and achieve a status of Completed, OK, or Great for features tagged as Required.

  • Some TitanAdvisor features are time-dependent. For example, if a feature awards TitanScore points based on jobs booked in the last seven days, your TitanScore can fluctuate depending on recent booking rates.

  • TitanAdvisor Training View is available by default to all office employees. To grant access to the Admin view of TitanAdvisor, enable the following permissions:

    • TitanAdvisor Admin—Allows employee access to the TitanAdvisor Admin view

    • TitanAdvisor - Update Goals—Allows employee to edit business goals

  • If TitanAdvisor recommends a feature that doesn’t apply to your business, you can hide it from view. Or, if you’re not ready to complete a feature that’s recommended on the TitanAdvisor Overview screen, you can snooze it for 30 days.

Overview screen

In ServiceTitan, go to the navigation bar and click the Rocket icon to open the TitanAdvisor Overview screen. The Overview screen contains several sections:

Main section

The main section of the Overview screen displays:

  • Your progress on your TitanAdvisor journey

  • Top recommended features for your success

You can filter your top recommended features to help you focus on specific areas of your business.

  1. Click the Filter tad-icon-filter icon. The Filters window opens. 

  2. Check the box next to the business goal or customer type you want to focus on. You can select multiple boxes.

  3. When you’re done, click Apply


The right side of the Overview screen shows:

  • Your current TitanScore and recent activity trends

  • Number of TitanScore points earned within your current stage

  • Number of required features remaining to reach the next TitanAdvisor stage

  • Your business goals in order of priority

  • Your Benchmark Report Note: You must have a report available to see the report. You may not see a link to a Benchmark Report if you are currently onboarding or went live recently. You may not have sufficient ServiceTitan data for a benchmark report to be generated (you must have completed at least 100 jobs over the time period in review). We currently do not have Benchmark Reports for customers in Alaska and Puerto Rico. If you opted out of Publications via the Data Preferences page, you will also not receive a report or any link in TitanAdvisor. See FAQs for more detail.

TitanAdvisor business sections

The side menu lists the different TitanAdvisor business sections. Click an item to view the features within that section.

Stages tabs

Each business section includes tabs for the TitanAdvisor stages. Click a tab to view the features for that stage.

What To Set Up

The What To Set Up section lists the TitanAdvisor features that you have not yet set up.

Note: Features tagged as Required are necessary to complete to reach the next TitanAdvisor stage.

Note: TitanAdvisor features that you’ve set up but require no further action are greyed out and labeled Completed.

How You’re Using Features

The How You’re Using Features section lists TitanAdvisor features that you’ve set up and how well you’re using them. Click a feature to view details.

The color of the dot next to the feature indicates how well you’re using it:

  • GreenGreat; you’re using the feature well enough to earn the maximum number of TitanScore points

  • YellowOK; you’re using the feature, but you have the potential to do better

  • RedPoor; the feature is not being used adequately

Note: If one or more checkpoints for a feature has a Poor status, the entire feature status has a Poor status. Click the feature and check the usage checkpoints to see how to better use the feature.

TitanScore feature overview

Click a TitanAdvisor feature to open it. Features are broken up into three sections:

  • About—Brief description of the feature

  • What to set up—Setup checkpoints of the steps needed to use the feature

  • How to use—Usage checkpoints of how to use the feature

Note: Not all features have setup and usage checkpoints.


The About section explains how the feature works and how it can help your business. Hover over the icons next to About to see which business goals are affected. The icon in the upper right corner lists the customer types the feature applies to.

The About section also lists Affected KPIs, which are the key performance indicators you can expect to see improved after using the feature.

What to set up

These are the feature setup checkpoints, which are the tasks you need to complete before you can use the feature. Each checkpoint includes a description as well as the success criteria for completing the checkpoint.

Note: Click Learn More to open a detailed article explaining how to set up the feature.

How to use

These are the feature usage checkpoints, which are the actions you should perform regularly to follow industry best practices and maximize benefits for your business.

Note: Some usage checkpoints are time-dependent. For example, if a checkpoint awards points based on jobs booked in the last seven days, your TitanScore can fluctuate depending on recent booking rates.

The checkpoint explains how usage of the feature affects your TitanScore, as well as how many points you can earn.

Some usage checkpoints award points if your status is OK, indicated by a yellow dot. Other checkpoints award points if you achieve a usage status of Great, indicated by a green dot.

Note: Click Get Started to go to the section of ServiceTitan where you can use the feature.

Edit business goals

Each TitanAdvisor feature focuses on specific business goals. You can set the order of your business goals so TitanAdvisor can recommend features that align with your growth priorities.

To edit your business goals:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click the Rocket icon to open the TitanAdvisor Overview screen.

  2. In the Your Business Goals section, click Editicon-pencil.png.

  3. Click and drag a business goal to change the order of priority.

  4. When you’re done, click Save.

View your TitanScore history

Your TitanScore can change if your usage of certain features increases or decreases. You can view a timestamped history of all your score changes.

To view your history:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click the Rocket icon to open the TitanAdvisor Overview screen.

  2. In the section on the right, click the Arrow icon.

    Your Score History opens.

  3. View the details of your score history:

    • The graph at the top shows your TitanScore for the last 30 days.

    • Use the calendar dropdown to change the reporting range of the graph.

    • A table lists changes to your TitanScore including:

      • TitanAdvisor feature where the point change occurred

      • Change in the number of points

      • What caused the change

      • When the change occurred

      • Business section of the feature

TitanAdvisor Training

Once your company has completed Prepare to Launch and gone live with ServiceTitan, you can still access your training. You are also able to track your team’s training progress and manage their courses directly from TitanAdvisor.

The TitanAdvisor Overview page displays your team’s training progress as well as your own training. From here you can enroll yourself in courses or access the Team Training page to view team progress and enroll your team in courses.

Access your training
  1. Go to the navigation bar and click the Rocket icon to open the TitanAdvisor Overview page.

  2. Click on Training in the left navigation menu. The Training page opens.

    By default, this page opens displaying your assigned courses. Courses are organized in sections based on the training curriculum they cover. You are automatically enrolled in courses related to your role.

  3. Use the left navigation menu to locate the curriculum you want to complete, or simply scroll through the curriculum listed on the page.  Each course may contain the following:

    1. Live Training—Either upcoming or past recordings of live training sessions. Click View Details to see the details and register for upcoming live training sessions, or click Watch Recording to view a recording of a past live training session. 

    2. Self-Paced Training—Lessons that can be completed on your own schedule.

    3. Assessments—Final test that goes over what you learn in the live training and lessons. These can be completed whether you have viewed just a live training session or finished the self-paced training.  Note: When a course is completed, a green check mark appears next to it in the navigation menu.

  4. To start a self-paced course, click on Start Course or Resume Course to open the course inside ServiceTitan.

    Note: You can use the navigation menu to switch to a new lesson in the course, or just use the Next button to move to the next lesson in the course. Click Back to My Training to return to TitanAdvisor at any time.

  5. When you’ve finished your lessons, click the Take Assessment button to take the final assessment for the course. There may be multiple assessments for the course you can take. Note: The Assessment section displays only when there are assessments available for the course. 

Track your team’s training and manage courses
  1. Go to the navigation bar and click the Rocket icon to open the TitanAdvisor Overview screen.

  2. Click on Training in the left navigation menu. The Training page opens. By default, this page opens to your assigned courses.

  3. Click Team Training to view your team’s training progress. The Team Training page opens displaying a list of your employees, their training progress, assigned roles, and assigned Business Unit.

    Note: You can also access this page directly from the TitanAdvisor Overview page by finding Team Training and clicking View Team Training.

  4. If you want to add or remove courses to an employee’s training, click Manage Courses.

    ServiceTitan Academy opens where you can manage courses for your employees.

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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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