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Membership Summary report templateLast updated on 02/09/2022

The Membership Summary template reports on membership activity over a given date range. Each line in the report represents an active membership type.

Example Membership Summary reports:

  • Run reports on which memberships sell best for each quarter

  • Schedule a report of recently canceled memberships to follow up on

Things to know

  • Membership Summary reports only cover active membership types. If you have current memberships based on a deactivated membership type, they are not included in report results. To include memberships based on an inactive membership type, reactivate the membership type.

  • Click an entry in the report and click Expand icon-carat-right.png to view details of individual memberships.Tip: To open a membership record, click the corresponding invoice number to open the invoice in a new tab and then click View Membership.

  • The report includes membership status changes that occur within the report date range. For example, you can report on the number of memberships that were canceled in the past year. You can view the exact date of a status change in the Membership Status History section of the membership record.

Create a Membership Summary report

Follow the steps to create a custom report based on the Membership Summary template and select the columns to include in your report:

  • Name—Name of the membership type

  • Active Type—Whether or not the membership type is currently active

  • Active At Start—Count of active memberships at the beginning of the report date range

  • Suspended—Count of memberships suspended during the report date range

  • Canceled—Count of memberships canceled during the report date range

  • Expired—Count of memberships that expired during the report date range

  • Deleted—Count of memberships deleted during the report date range

  • Renewed—Count of memberships renewed during the report date range

  • Reactivated—Count of memberships reactivated during the report date range

  • New Sales—Count of new memberships sold during the report date range

  • Manual—Count of memberships created from the office using the Add Membership button during the report date range Note: The Add Membership button is no longer available. This column is used for historic reporting.

  • Active At End—Count of active memberships at the end of the report date range 

  • Amount Billed—Amount billed to date on the membership type

  • Membership Total Revenue—Total amount of revenue for the membership type

Tip: You can hover over any of the column labels to see a description of the column data.

Deselect a column to omit it from your report.

Run a report

Before running the report, set filters to narrow your results:

  1. Click the From - To field to set date filters. You can:

    • Use the calendar to select a specific date range and click Apply.

    • Use the left menu to select a preset date range:

      • Today—From 12:00 AM to the current time

      • Yesterday—Previous day, from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

      • Last 7 Days—Previous seven days, including the current date

      • Last 14 Days—Previous 14 days, including the current date

      • Last 30 Days—Previous 30 days, including the current date

      • Month to Date—From the first of the current month to the current day

      • Last Month—Entire month before the current month. For example, if the date is February 5, the entire month of January.

      • Last 90 Days—Previous 90 days, including the current date

      • This Quarter—Current quarter, including future dates. For example, if the date is April 25, from April 1 - June 30.

      • Last Quarter—Entire quarter before the current quarter. For example, if the date is April 25, from January 1 - March 31.

      • Quarter to Date—From the first day of the current quarter to the current day

      • Year to Date—From January 1 of the current year to the current day

      • Last 365 Days—Previous 365 days, including the current date

  2. Click Run Report.

Tip: You can arrange report columns and apply filters for further customization.

Drill Down in Membership Summary report

You can drill down in the Membership Summary Report to get historic insight into your memberships.

  1. Click an underlined entry you want to drill down into. For example, click an entry in the Active at Start column. The entry is highlighted.

  2. In the highlighted entry, click Expand icon-carat-right.png. A table opens in the report showing details for that entry including the following: 

    • Customer Membership ID—Membership ID. Click on the Membership ID link to open the customer’s membership record in a new tab 

    • Membership Type—Type of membership 

    • Business Unit—Business Unit this membership belongs to

    • Customer Name—Name of the customer. Click on the Customer Name link to open the customer record in a new tab

    • Location Address—Service location covered under the membership

    • Invoice #—Invoice number for this membership. Click on the Invoice # link to open the invoice record in a new tab

    • Sale Type—Type of sale for the membership. Click on the Sale Type link to open the customer’s membership record in a new tab

    • Sold By—Name of the employee who sold the membership

    • Status Change As Of Date—Date the membership entered into the status it is listed under on this report

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.