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Manage and view technician teamsLast updated on 04/18/2023

Use technician teams to keep your technicians organized by the work they perform. Having your technicians assigned to teams helps organize the Dispatch Board. It also allows you to filter by teams and report on things like performance.

Assign a technician to a team

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings icon-settings.png.

  2. From the side panel, click People > Technicians.

  3. Click Edit next to the technician you want to assign to a team. The Profile tab opens.

  4. In the Team field in the Dispatching section, enter the team name.

    Select an existing team from the dropdown list, or enter a new name and select it to create a new team.

  5. When you're finished, click Save Changes.

View technician teams on the Dispatch Board

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch Dispatching.png.

  2. On the Dispatch Board, technician teams are listed on the left.

Filter the Dispatch Board by teams

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch Dispatching.png.

  2. At the top of the Dispatch Board, click the Filter image1 icon.

  3. From the Teams dropdown, select which teams you want to see on the Dispatch Board.

  4. When you're finished, click the dropdown again to close the selection box, then click Apply.

    Note: If technicians aren’t assigned to teams, then they’ll always appear on the Dispatch Board, no matter which filters you select.

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