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Taking GreenSky® Payments - Direct FundingLast updated on 03/01/2023

Customers who are approved for direct funding through GreenSky® can now request funding through Paperless Transaction Authorization which eliminates the need to collect a customer’s hand-written authorization to transact on their GreenSky® loan. This strengthens customer satisfaction and trust, as the customer can review each transaction request submitted. This article explains how to process a direct funding payment in the ServiceTitan Mobile app.

Things to know

  • Your GreenSky® account needs to be approved for direct funding. Please contact for more details on your account configuration.

  • Before you can charge a customer’s account, they need to activate their GreenSky® account. Account activation happens directly through the customer’s email or phone.

  • When your GreenSky® account is set up in ServiceTitan, a payment type called GreenSky Direct Funding is automatically created.

Processing Payments in ServiceTitan

  1. Collect a payment and choose GreenSky Direct Funding as the Payment Type

  2. Click Charge. The Search for GreenSky® application appears.

  3. Search for the GreenSky® application. You can do this with the Application ID or the applicant’s last name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of their SSN.

  4. Click Charge. The GreenSky® direct funding request form appears. 

Processing Payments in Mobile

After the customer is approved for GreenSky® and their account is activated, you are ready to take payment.

  1. Tap the Hide Button to proceed to the invoice payment screen.

    A payment type called GreenSky Direct Funding opens in the mobile app. 

    Note: With the Hide button, you can open and close the financing application to view it again later.

  2. After selecting GreenSky Direct Funding, you can charge by application ID.

    1. Select Progress Payment if you are only taking payment for a portion of the job. For more information, contact GreenSky® support directly. There are limitations on how much you’re able to charge through progress payment.

    2. Select Job Complete if this is the final payment that will be taken for this job.

      Note: The application ID can be found by tapping the Apply for Financing button. If you closed the financing application, the ID can be found in the email the customer received after approval.

  3. Tap Charge. A paperless transaction authorization is sent to the customer either through text or email, depending on what info was input during the application. 

  4. The transaction remains in Pending status until the customer approves the authorization.

  5. Tap on the Check Status button to update the transaction status from Pending to Successful after the customer approves the transaction.

  6. If the customer is not available to approve the transaction immediately, tap Done and close out the job as usual. ServiceTitan periodically checks the payment status and automatically updates it based on the customer’s response.

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