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Add media to a job, and mark photos with DoodleLast updated on 03/22/2022

While working a job, you can capture and upload photos and videos in ServiceTitan Mobile, give them a title to make them easier to reference later, and mark them with Doodle to highlight important details and callouts. Adding media to a job makes it easier to show your customers things that need repair, and can be used to show before and after photos and videos of your completed jobs.

Things to know-Add-media-to-a-job-with-Doodle

  • You should take photos at the service location both before and after the job. The pictures should be clear and show all details and areas relevant to the work to be done or that has already been done.

  • Use Doodle to mark up images taken of equipment or the worksite. This helps you provide a visual explanation of the problem and draw out a solution. For example, you can circle the place where you suspect a leak is starting.

  • All photos added to forms are automatically added to the job. You can see them in the Audit trail and Files tab of the job.

Take or upload photos or videos

You can take a photo or video directly using ServiceTitan Mobile. You can also upload a photo or video you already have on your tablet or phone to ServiceTitan Mobile. The photos or videos you add will appear in History. In the office, your photos and videos are visible in the job history.

To take or upload a photo or video:

  1. From the current job, tap the Camera icon.

  2. Tap the Camera icon, and select an option. If you want to take a new photo or video, tap Take photo or Record video. Otherwise, tap Upload photo or Upload video to upload media to the job from your device.

    After the upload, you see a confirmation at the bottom of the screen.

Add a title to photos or videos

After you take or upload media to a job, you can give it a title to make it easier to find and reference later. To add a title to a photo or video:

  1. If you’re not there already, go to the job from which you added the photo or video.

  2. Tap History > Photos & videos.

  3. Tap the photo or video you want to title.

  4. Tap the Pencil icon.

  5. For Title, enter a title for the image or video, and then tap Save and Continue.

Mark images with Doodle

After taking or uploading a photo with ServiceTitan Mobile, you can use Doodle to highlight parts of the image that may need special attention or emphasis.

Note: To mark a photo with Doodle right after you've taken it, tap Use photo to save it first.

To mark images with Doodle:

  1. From the job that has the image you want to mark, tap History, then tap Photos & videos.

  2. Tap the image you want to mark up.

  3. From Photos & video details, tap the image again.

  4. Tap Moreicon-more.png and select Doodle.

  5. With Doodle, you can tap the:

    • Paintbrush to draw on the image.

    • Letter to add a text annotation to the image.

    • Color to change your Doodle color.

    • Left arrow one or more times to undo your previous Doodle, and tap the right arrow to redo your undo.

  6. When you’re done marking up the image, tap Save.

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