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Tag Conversion Report by Technician report guideLast updated on 03/22/2022

Tag Conversion Report By Technician report provides a breakdown of the success rate at which a technician converts tagged opportunities. Data in this report is based on tags converted within the report date range.

Things to know

  • Use this report to view the number of opportunities from conversion tags, the number of those opportunities converted, and the success rate of tag conversions for each technician.

  • A prerequisite for this report is the configuration of conversion tags. For more information, see How to create a conversion tag.

  • Click Schedule next to the name of the report to automatically receive the Tag Conversion Report By Technician report on a regular basis.

Run the report

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Reports.

  2. Search for Tag Conversion Report By Technician, and then. click the report name.

  3. Filter the report for the following components:

    • Business Unit—narrows opportunity conversions by job. Business units help you keep track of the different business sectors to which your business caters.

    • From and To—these dates will confine information in the report within the time you set and correspond to the completion date of jobs with conversion tags.

  4. Click Update. Optionally, click Download PDF to download a .pdf file of the report or click the dropdown arrow to download the report in CSV or Excel formats.

Run the report

The following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure the efficiency of tag conversions by a technician.



# of Opportunities

Total number of conversion tag opportunities. A conversion tag opportunity is a job with a conversion tag attached. Calculation - # of Opportunities: [Sum of tag opportunities]

# of Converted

Total number of converted tag opportunities. A converted tag opportunity is a job with a conversion tag attached that also has an item on its invoice with the same conversion tag attached. Calculation - # of Converted: [Sum of converted tag opportunities]

% Success

Success rate of tag conversions. This is the percentage of tags a technician successfully converts, out of the total number of tag opportunities. Calculation - % Success: [Total number of converted tag opportunities] / [Total number of tag opportunities] *100

Rows in this report represent the technicians being measured. The number in parentheses next to the technician is the technician ID. Refer to this number when two or more technicians with the same name appear in the same report.

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