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Follow up on survey responsesLast updated on 03/22/2022

Follow up on uncompleted surveys

The Surveys tab on the Follow Up screen will show you uncompleted surveys.

On the Follow Up screen, you will see a tab called Surveys.

The Surveys tab can be used to generate a follow-up list for customers who haven't responded to the job completion survey.

The Surveys tab will include:

  • All completed jobs, where the customer has not yet completed a survey.

The Surveys tab will allow you to:

  • Filter by Business Unit.

  • Filter by job completion date.

  • Export the survey follow up list in Excel, CSV, or PDF format.

When you do follow-ups, you can complete the survey while on the phone with the customer.

See survey results for completed surveys

You can run the Surveys Report to see completed surveys

You can review all of your survey results by running the Survey Report. Go to the Reports screen and search for the Survey Report.

The Survey Report will provide you with a summary of completed customer surveys. You can use the date filter to filter the report by job completion date.

The Survey Report includes:

  • Job number

  • Job type

  • Customer name

  • Customer email

  • Job completion date

  • Customer response (the customer's rating)

  • Customer comments

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