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Survey Report GuideLast updated on 03/22/2022

The Survey Report provides a summary of completed customer surveys. Use this report to view customer survey responses, average rating per technician, number of survey responses per technician, comments, and other information.

Things to know

  • Data is based on survey completion dates.

  • See Schedule reports to receive this report automatically.

Run the Report

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Reports.

  2. Search for Survey Report, and then click the report name.

  3. Filter the report using the following fields:

    • Technician—filter by assigned technician. This report run filtering by one or all technicians. If the technician filter is set to none, the report runs for all technicians.

    • Business Unit—filter by the business unit of the job for which the survey was completed. You can run this report using a single business unit, or all business units.

    • From—date the report begins. Date range corresponds to survey completion dates.

    • To—date the report ends. Date range corresponds to survey completion dates.

  4. Click Update.

Report metrics

The report includes the following metrics:

  • Job—job number of the job for which the survey was completed

  • Job Type—job type for which the survey was completed

  • Customer—customer name. The customer listed here is the customer in the "Bill to" field on the customer invoice.

  • Email—customer email. This is the Bill To customer email address.

  • Job Completed On— the survey send date. The Job Completed On date will not change if the job is rescheduled and completed again or the job completion date is changed manually.

  • Completed On—date of survey completion

  • Rating—rating the customer submitted

  • Comments—comments entered by the customer when they submitted the survey

  • # of surveys—sum of all surveys completed in the date range across all technicians

  • Average Rating—average rating across all technicians. Calculation: [Sum of all survey ratings in the report] / [# of Surveys in the report]

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