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Enable Simple Clock I/OLast updated on 09/14/2022

Enable Simple Clock I/O to pay technicians whenever they are clocked in, regardless of your idle time settings. This can be a good timesheet management option if you pay technicians the same rate for most activities and you don't need a breakdown of technician hours to process payroll.

Things to Know

  • When Simple Clock I/O is enabled, all idle time is paid, regardless of idle time settings.

  • Use timesheet codes to schedule unpaid non-job events such as meal breaks or personal time.

  • Technicians are always paid for their first drive.

  • Technicians are automatically clocked in based on their:

    • Dispatch to their first appointment of the day

    • Arrival at their first appointment of the day

    • First paid non-job timesheet event of the day

  • Technicians are automatically clocked out based on whichever occurs last during a workday:

    • Completion of the last appointment of the day

    • Completion of a paid non-job event

  • You can manually clock technicians in and out from the Dispatch Board or technicians can clock themselves in and out in ServiceTitan Mobile. Note: Technicians must have the Clock In and Out permission enabled to clock themselves in and out. Contact your company administrator for details.

  • If technicians clock out and back in during a workday, their clocked-out hours show up in timesheet reports with the code, Temp C/O.

Turn on Simple Clock I/O

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings settings.png.

  2. From the side panel, go to People > Payroll. Payroll Settings opens.

  3. In the Timesheet Codes section, click Edit. The Non-job Event Codes screen opens displaying a table of active codes.

  4. For the ClockIO code, in the Actions column, click Edit.

    Edit Non-job Event Code - ClockIO opens.

  5. Select Enable Simple Clock I/O.

  6. When you're finished, click Save.

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