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Offer Service Finance loans to customers in ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 03/22/2022

Use Service Finance to offer financing in ServiceTitan Mobile, giving your customers additional payment options to pay for your services.

Things to know

  • When you offer a loan through Service Finance, you can also ask customers to provide a down payment. Note that down payments are not required.

  • If you require a down payment, note that it does not affect the loan terms. However, it does lower the total amount of the loan. For example, if the loan is for $5,000 but the homeowner pays a $1,000 down payment, the total loan amount is $4,000.

  • Service Finance may offer a “counter offer” depending on the customer’s credit score and other financial details. Counter offers are typically lower loan amounts with higher interest rates.

  • If you’re using a ServiceTitan NEXT sandbox environment to see how Service Finance works, you see different financing plans. For the latest financing rates, sign in to

Apply For Financing

1. After you arrive at a job and have presented and sold an estimate, tap APPLY FOR FINANCING.

2. From the Financing drawer, go to Service Finance and tap APPLY NOW. Note: If Service Finance is your only financing integration with ServiceTitan, the plan selection screen opens instead.

3. Enter the Sales Amount, Down Payment, if you’re requiring one or they are offering one, and use the dropdown to select an Improvement Type. After adding all relevant details, tap Show All Plans.

Note: Job State will automatically be filled in based off of the job address.

4. Your plan options will now appear with all of the basic loan details calculated. Note: If the loan amount does not meet the “minimum loan amount” for a plan, the plan will be greyed out and will not be selectable.

5. After the customer has selected which plan they would like to move forward with, hand the customer your tablet and ask them to enter the required information. Some of the information is prefilled, like the customer’s name, email address, and phone number. When finished, tap NEXT.

Note: If your customer wants to apply with a co-applicant, go to the Co-Applicant? question and tap Yes. Make sure that the co-applicant, not the primary applicant, enters their information. Tap NEXT when the co-applicant is finished.

6. Review the details of the loan with the customer. If everything looks correct, tap SUBMIT. If not, tap EDIT and make desired changes.

After you tap SUBMIT, ServiceFinance will process the loan application and send a loan decision. Customers may receive one of four loan decisions:

  • Approved—Loan was approved and can be used immediately.

  • Declined—Loan was declined. Please contact Service Finance for more details. They may provide guidance on how to get the loan approved.

  • Under Review—Loan is under review. Please contact ServiceFinance for more details.

  • Counter Offer—The customer received an approved application for a plan that is different than originally applied for. This loan can be used immediately.

7. Hand the customer your tablet and ask them to read the terms of their ServiceFinance loan. Once they’re ready, ask them to tap Yes, I Consent and then tap NEXT. If the customer has a co-applicant, ask them to read and tap Yes, I Consent as well.

8. Ask the customer or the co-applicant to sign the loan document and tap SUBMIT. Note: You will see better results if you encourage customers to complete and sign the full loan application in the field instead of waiting to sign.

9. Once signed, the funds from the loan can be used for a job immediately.

10. After a signature is received, the loan is ready to be used! Technicians can add a payment to the invoice using Financing by ServiceFinance payment type. This is purely for closing out the job and removing the balance from the invoice.

11. To receive funding, please log in to the Service Finance portal.

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