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Offer Service Finance loans to customers through Online EstimatesLast updated on 03/22/2022

When you set up Service Finance loan options in ServiceTitan, technicians and office employees can offer financing to customers by emailing them a link to their estimates in an online portal. Customers can select from available financing plans in the portal as well as apply for a Service Finance loan. By entering a loan amount, they can see what the monthly payments would be for the available plans. This amount also determines which plans a customer qualifies for.

Things to know

Enable Service Finance in Online Estimates

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings icon-settings.png.

  2. In the side panel, click Integrations > Financing.

  3. Click the Financing Display Settings tab.

  4. Turn on the Allow Customer to Apply for Financing Through Online Estimates toggle.

  5. Click Save.

The Service Finance integration is now automatically included on all estimates accessed through the Online Estimates Portal.

Invite customers to complete the Service Finance application

You can invite customers to complete a Service Finance application by emailing them a link to view their estimates online, which can be done from both the mobile and office versions of ServiceTitan. For more information, see Send an online estimate.

Online estimates workflow
  1. Send an estimate email to a customer, which includes an estimates link to the Online Estimates Portal.

  2. When the customer clicks the estimates link, the portal opens showing their estimates.

    Note: Customers can click the As Low As link to view the payment and plan details. They can also choose to accept an estimate by clicking Accept Now, which is covered in Use Online Estimates.

  3. When a customer clicks Apply for Financing, a blank Apply For Financing window opens.

  4. The customer enters information to determine their loan amount and clicks Show All Plans. The available plans display based on the information entered.

  5. The customer chooses a plan by clicking Select and then Next. The Applicant Information section displays.

  6. The customer completes the financing application and clicks Next. Their information is submitted for a credit check.

  7. The customer reviews their application prior to submitting and then clicks Next.

  8. After Service Finance processes the loan application, one of the following loan decisions is returned to the customer, which can take a few minutes depending on internet connection.

    • Approved—Loan was approved and can be used immediately.

    • Approved—Loan was approved and can be used immediately.

    • Declined—Loan was declined. For guidance on how to get the loan approved, please contact Service Finance.

    • Under Review—Loan is under review. Please contact Service Finance for more details.

    • Counter Offer—The customer is approved for a plan that’s different from the one they originally applied for. This loan can be used immediately.

  9. If the customer receives an approved status, they are taken to the ESIGN consent page where they provide consent.

    After consenting, ServiceTitan displays the loan agreement from Service Finance.

  10. After consenting, ServiceTitan displays the loan agreement from Service Finance.

  11. Customer enters their name and signs the loan agreement. The loan is now active and available for use.

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