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Add sewer services in Pricebook ProLast updated on 03/23/2022

ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro sewer service items allow you to include the price of specialized equipment, additional materials, and extra labor into the service price on invoices and estimates. For example, if a pipe lining for a house located far from the sewer line requires additional labor hours and materials, the sewer service still appears on the invoice as a single line item.

You can account for additional labor, equipment rentals, and materials by adding custom repair items from your pricebook as sub-items. Because sub-items are not visible on estimates and invoices, you can price sewer services accurately without revealing proprietary labor rates and material markups.

Things to know

  • The sewer services sub-item workflow is designed to protect proprietary pricing and markup information. If you prefer to show all line items and prices to customers, you can add additional material, labor, and rental items as standard invoice or estimate line items.

  • Sewer services are exclusive to ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro. Before starting, make sure to add the sewer service items and sub-items you need from ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro to your pricebook. For more, see add items with Pricebook Connect.

  • ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro includes main sewer services including pipe lining, excavation, and spot repair services. Main water services are also available and can be added as sub-items to another service item.

  • Sub-items include additional materials, fees, equipment rentals, and labor items that are potentially used on a sewer job. You can add sub-items as needed to the main service item without showing the cost to the customer.

  • Sub-items do not appear on customer invoices or estimates but are visible to office employees and technicians. Sub-items are only available in ServiceTitan Mobile.

Add sewer services in ServiceTitan Mobile

To add sewer service items in ServiceTitan Mobile:

  1. Tap View Current Job.

  2. Tap Invoice.Tip: Follow these same steps to add sewer items to an estimate.

  3. Tap + Add Item.

  4. Browse your pricebook to find sewer service items by going to ServiceTitan Pricebook > Sewer > Main Items > Main Sewer and tap + to add them.

  5. When you're done adding services, tap Done.

Add sub-items to a sewer service

You can add sub-items to a service item and they won’t appear on the customer estimate or invoice. The job total changes by the price of the added sub-items, but the individual sub-items aren’t listed on the customer invoice.

  1. On an invoice or estimate, tap the service you want to edit and then tap + Sub-item.

  2. From your pricebook, go to Sewer > Sub Items to find sub-items and tap + for the items you want to add.

  3. When you’re done adding sub-items, tap Done.

  4. Tap Save.

The updated sewer service item price includes the price of the added sub-items.

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