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View settled batches and Chargeback or Retrieval reports in TransLinkLast updated on 09/08/2022

Who You can view settled batches:

  • When you didn’t receive the amount you were supposed to. You can view the amount in the Hold Amount column.

  • To see the date the amount has been submitted to the customer. You can view the date in the ACH Date column.

Things to know

  • A settled batch is the payments that the bank remits to the merchant after issuing it.

  • Translink is the TSYS portal. For more information, see TSYS.

View a settled batch

To view settled batched in TransLink:

  1. Log into TransLink.

  2. Click Transactions.

  3. Enter a date range.

  4. Click Create Report. A list of batches appears.

  5. [Optional] Click Details to view a breakdown of transactions within that batch, or click Card Types to view the credit card summary.

To view Chargeback or Retrieval Reports in TransLink:

  1. Log into TransLink.

  2. Under Chargeback/Retrieval Reports, click Details. A list of chargebacks will appear.

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